my baby break: a guest post from Amber

guest-posts Hello Mom Diggity readers!!

I am beyond honored to be here writing in this lovely space with you all today, while KK and her family snuggle up and continue to fall in love with their newest little member.

My name is Amber and I blog over at

You can read about me HERE.

I have a lot in common with Miss Kara-Kae and I know exactly where she sits today, the mother of three babies under the age of three.

I recently had my fourth baby just two weeks after my oldest turned five.

Here we are...

in all our crazy beautiful love.

I love being a mama,

I love it a lot.

I can't believe these littles belong to me.

Who am I?

Am I anywhere near capable of being the mama that they deserve??

The answer is no.

Yet here we are...

I am theirs and they are mine, and that is God's perfect design.

These little ones know me from the inside, they know the sound of my heart beat.

They were knit together inside of my womb.

Nothing comforts them like the nape of my neck or the twirling of my hair between their chubby fingers.

Nothing makes them squeal with joy like the sound of my voice coming down the hall toward their rooms.

And nothing, no nothing, can make a scrape or a bump stop hurting like my special mommy kiss.

I am not a perfect mom.

I don't organize projects and play like the moms on pinterest, although I do love to dream about it.

I don't fold laundry, I more just shove it into drawers or hang it up.

I don't cook only organic foods, or even make sure they eat all their veggies.

There are some moms who do these things, and that is amazing, because that is just the kind of mom that their kids need.  That is the kind of mom that God designed them to be.

I am my own kind of mom, the kind that God designed me to be.

I am a mom that gives affection by the minute, you can't walk past me without getting kissed or snuggled.

I am a mom who shows her kids how to play with each other and be independent in problem solving and imagining.

I am the mom who spends 30 minutes every night snuggled up in bed with each babe individually to see what they loved about their day then playing the game "what do you like better _____ or _____" until my brain is fried.

And in the areas where I fall short {way short} God will step in and fill the gaps.  That is what is incredible about His grace.  It covers me in every aspect of my day.  Without His AMAZING Grace, I wouldn't make it through a day.

And one day when we receive our adopted son {I just know that it will be a boy, in my soul, I just know}.  I will be the perfect mom to meet his needs as well.  God is already getting him ready for us, getting us ready for him.  We will fit together perfectly, and where we need it, Gods grace will cover us and fill in the gaps.

What kind of mom are you??

Did you know that you are the perfect fit for your kids??

God designed you that way.

In Love,

happy monday chaos!

Hello friends!! Has your life been as crazy as mine lately?? I love the balance between the feeling of peace and total chaos. I really wouldn't have it any other way. We are on Day 3 of Advent with the girls and they are enjoying our activities and can't sit still through the entire bible story everyday...but once again, I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a perfect Christmas with my perfect toddlers. (If you want to jump in and join us, there's a free printable you can use for the daily activities and reading plan!!) This is what I like to call peaceful chaos. Perfection. 

photo 4

I LOOOOVE this time of year, but boy it gets busy! It could be the two adorable toddlers running circles around me and the very active teeny one kicking away at my bladder. Seriously, if this baby gets any lower she's going to fall out.


photo 5

Did I tell you guys that my adorable and perfect baby niece was born last week?? I'm so excited to meet her in a few weeks, and so overjoyed with the blessing of this little miracle. Go read the story of the wild ride her mama went through, and the grace God poured over them. It's really amazing. 

Meet sweet baby girl, Tate Elena. She's squishy and PRECIOUS.


Zoey turned 15 months yesterday and I totally forgot until this morning. I'm really hoping I at least remember Baby #3's birthdays since I'm so bad about "month days" with Zo. This ball of onery energy is SUCH a joy and I am absolutely over the moon for her. She's the best kid under 2 I know.

photo 2 photo 3

I made our stockings. Next time? I'm buying them. Whoa, that was a lot of work for this non-seamstress. But Jessi loves "Mama's socks" hanging on the fireplace so I'll take it.

photo 1

I'm up to my elbows in Christmas Cards and loving designing all these cards for you guys this year!! What a joy! Get your card orders in asap!! 

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christmas cards - from me to YOU!

It's about that time to start thinking about Christmas Cards and guess what??I'm so excited to announce the release of my very own line of Christmas Cards!!!!!!

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Each card is fully customizable and I will work with you to design it to fit your family. I hope these are a blessing to your family during this crazy time when you may not have the time to worry about making your own cards!

Yippeeee!!! Christmas is coming! 


traveling with little people

We go on vacation in two days, and I'll just come right out and admit it...I'M A NUTCASE. Glad we got that out of the way before I continue with this post. I start frantically stressing out about 5 days before we leave and my mind won't stop racing. I somehow make it until 4 days before to start packing. Well, I did this time at least. I've been known to pack MUCH farther in advance, but we won't go into my complete craziness. I was a little concerned about space for this trip, because there are 4 of us now, and we will have two extra people in our car. So after doing a full day of completely stressing out, I cleaned out my van from top to bottom and rolled up my sleeves and decided I was going to do this if it killed me.

Then I was off to pack. After making a very detailed list of everything I need, I started sorting clothes. I start with the kids first, because somehow they always take up the most space with all their junk. I decided to try a new packing method to help save on space. It drives me crazy how my kids clothes take up SO MUCH SPACE and I always pack for about 87 months when we are only gone for 8 days.


1. Choose an outfit for each day.

2. Seal outfits in individal ziplock bags.

3. Specify child and day on the bag. This is even husband proof...ahem...making vacation easier on mama ;) (When the girls are a little older I will probably just pack outfits and not assign them to specific days so they can choose what to wear)

4. Be amazed at how much space you just saved!!!!

5. Send me chocolate as a thank you!

(ps. I pack about 4-5 extra outfits because my kids are messy. and seal up the jammies in a bag as well.)


That is 8 DAYS worth of clothes for 2 kids. Yeah, you're welcome. 

i'm kinda freaking out here

So, I love taking pictures. Love it. But buying a big fancy camera hasn't really ever been in our budget. What kinda of a blogger am I without the latest and greatest?? It's a shame, really. I kid, I kid. I got a little birthday money and was dreaming about what I could buy with it. A new bag for The Influence Conference? Well, that was taking care of because my precious new friend Rebecca is making me one to carry! All I could think about was a new camera. 

About 2 and a half years ago when I was about to pop with Jessi Girl, my mother-in-law gifted me her camera. My first dslr. It was seriously one of the best things anyone has ever given me. I was obsessed. I learned so much from that camera, but lately I've kinda been stuck. I want to do more, and I felt like it was limiting me. I was ready to upgrade and learn more! That camera was a major blessing to me and I hope it's a major blessing to the sweet new home it's going to (one of my local blog readers, hi Toni!!).

I got some really great pics out of that camera and so many memories.

Pause with me for a nostalgic moment, shall we?

Pictures like these:

And, oh man. I'm so glad I caught this happy cow moment:

OH, and this. Just makes me smile:

I had some good times with that camera. But, I sold that bad boy and bought myself a new one!!!!!!!! Thank goodness I was able to sell some stuff to cover the cost of the camera without giving my hubby a heart attack!

Now I will be sitting at my doorstep waiting for this beauty to arrive:

I'm so thankful for this investment for our family and my business!