a totally epic colorful birthday!

I'm one of "those moms" when it comes to my kid's birthdays. I'm obsessed. But the more children I have, and the more birthdays we celebrate...the less I've been doing. Most likely it's the lack of energy to do anything since I'm chasing them all day! I think I started planning Jessi's 1st Birthday Party when she was about 6 months old. So about two weeks ago, I was sitting at my dining room table (with little people running amuck around me) and realized Zoey's birthday was sneaking up. So I whipped open photoshop and threw together an invite in about 20 minutes. ::pat on the back:: So yeah, the past couple of weeks I've been (quickly) throwing together a 2 year old's birthday party like a mad woman! We had the party last weekend and it was wonderful. Zo had a blast and felt so special. Mission accomplished!

Introducing: Zoey's totally epic colorful 2nd birthday 

color party!party1party2party3party12party10 party4party5party9party8party6party7 party13



Rainbow Cake: white box cake (gasp!), 6 in cake pans & a lot of food coloring! Homemade buttercream frosting & sprinkles galore!

Kid Fun: I made chocolate cupcakes for the kiddos and did a rainbow of icing colors and all kinds of fun toppings. They kids decorated their own cupcakes and got to eat them! They loved this hands on fun and got a yummy treat out of it! At the end of the party, we had a silly string fight! (Our dollar tree had silly string for $1 a can so it was much cheaper!!)

Food: We had the party at 9am, so we had sprinkle donuts, fruit, cake pops & cupcakes, Coffee and lemonade. Simple and perfect! The kids also LOVED the milk shots! (Use melting chocolate to dip the rim of the glass and then dip in sprinkles. It was perfect...but beware of sprinkle unibrows!)

Decor: All things bright and colorful! My favorites were the little rainbow centerpieces. Fill a vase with marshmallows and create a rainbow from rainbow twizlers! Any bright and colorful candy added a great touch. I went "less is more" with this party and it turned out great. Bright colored table cloths from party city brought in a lot of pops of color too.

Invite: That thing I threw together in 20 minutes and mailed out? Yup! Sorry, Zo! I promise I spent more time on your 1st Birthday!!


Happy 2nd Birthday ZoZo!!! 


oops, we potty trained zoey

zopt1 I had no plans to even attempt to potty train Zoey until closer to the end of the year. Since she's a stubborn little thing, I just assumed that it would be horrible with her and I'm a big believer in just allowing them to take the lead on it.

Well, my crazy girl decided she was ready. She turned 22 months on July 2nd, woke up July 3rd and decided she was all grown up.  She looked at me and said "diaper OFF! panties ON!" So, that's what we did. I sent Brook to the store to get the potty training supplies, and I was armed with juice, treats and extra caffeine for mama!


I had a plan to go for it just like I did with Jessi, which was actually super easy now looking back. (Jessi potty trained at 23 months) So the first day of potty boot camp, I was ready. IT WAS AWFUL. She was a nightmare. Refused to wear clothes and wouldn't sit on the potty. So basically I followed her around cleaning up after her all day. NOT. FUN.

So, I made up my mind that she wasn't ready and begged her to wear diapers. This nightmare went on for about a week. I finally got her back to mostly wearing diapers and had resorting to duct taping the diaper on my crazy little nudest (I consider that one of my better parenting decisions!).

Then, one day it just clicked. She figured out she could sit on the potty to use it and if she didn't pee all over herself it wasn't quite so disgusting. I am so proud of her! She has now gone 3 days with no accidents!

I hate that I doubted my own child, but she's so stubborn I think she just needed to prove me wrong!

You go ZoZo!


i'm over there today {wild & precious}

I'm guest posting today over at Wild & Precious. Blair has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time, and then I had the awesome opportunity to share a bed with her last year at The Influence Conference (I know, lucky me!!!). I was blown away by how amazingly amazing she really is in real life. I adore everything about her, and I'm so thankful to call her a friend. Head over to her blog today to hear my heart!

Hope you're having a fabulous day, I'll leave you with this short video of Zoey showing off her dance moves. This kid kills me.

through their eyes {a letter to my girls}

My sweet girls, Sometimes I wish I could see the world through your eyes.

Jess, those hazel eyes that light up when Daddy walks in a room and the way you react when you try something new. Zo, those baby blues that squeal with delight over a kitty or a baby.

But mostly, your innocence. You don't understand true heartbreak.

I want to see the world through a filter of joy and newness. The way you see it.

IMG_1400 IMG_0592

The way you squeal with delight over a cookie. How a slide is a giant adventure and must seem SO big to you.

I pray everyday that you will not live in fear of the unknown. Life can be scary and things happen that we don't understand. But our Jesus is bigger than all of it. He hold us in His arms and nothing can separate us from Him! I wish I could protect you from all the evil of this world, and shield those tiny eyes and hearts from hurt, but unfortunately that's part of this world. I pray that you cling to Jesus and trust in Him. There's no need to fear things in life when you have Him.

Don't ever forget that Daddy's arms are the safest place in the world. He protects us and always will. Follow Daddy and allow him to guide you, and look to Mommy as you grow. Watch how Mommy respects and honors Daddy and how we are a team. Know that our heavenly Daddy is our first love, and that's the only way we love each other as unconditionally as we do. We hope we can set the greatest example we know how for you.

Even though I want you to learn and grow, sometimes I wish I could keep you little forever.

Bottle up your energy and love for life.

IMG_0236 IMG_0443

Keep looking at life through those precious eyes, and keep showing me how to see the world the way you do. You teach me every day of the true importance in my life. You make every moment worth it. The two of you have taught me more in less than 3 years about life than I have learned in the 26 years before I knew you.

Thank you for that. Thank you for the joy. For the giggles and stolen kisses. For the innocence. For each and every moment.

Thank you for showing me life through your eyes.

I love you thiiiiiiiiiiis much (and so much more), Mama 

zoey brooklyn - 14 months

How in the world did this happen?? FOURTEEN MONTHS!!!!! I've been so terrible about doing monthly updates with Zo, but couldn't miss this month. We are having an absolute blast! It had gotten really difficult with her, because she just wanted to be held constantly. Making pregnant mommy VERY tired! She had a tough few months of transitioning to a toddler, but we made it through and she's so happy now! Walking everywhere, starting to communicate better and playing like a champ with her big sis! zo2


We are still taking 2 naps a day and is QUITE attached to her blankie and paci! She's SUCH a little snuggle bug.

She doesn't talk much, but is getting better at letting us know what she wants. She knows exactly where we keep the bananas and the milk and will go and grunt at me until I get her some :) She signs a few words and says the basics: Mama, Dada, Thank You, Cracker, Poppy/Papa, Dog, Uh-oh, and Go-Go-Go. She can point to her nose, belly & toes when asked.


Favorite activities: chasing her sister, reading books, playing outside

Favorite foods: graham crackers, black beans, milk, pasta, bananas

How to describe Zoey perfectly? Ornery. This girl is ALL personality. She knows she's hilarious and is happy to show that off. I just adore her and her amazing little personality. I am loving getting to know her better each month and watching her turn into a little person.


I heart her. Big time.