easy valentines for the last minute mama!


Oh no! You just realized Valentine's Day is in a few days and you have nothing ready for your kid's class? Have no fear! Mom Diggity to the rescue (oh man, I need a cape!!!)!!

All you need for this quick and easy valentine is:

-Cello Bags (buy them at your local craft store) or you could use sandwich bags! -Candy hearts -Printer

Click on the link below to download the file and print as many copies as you need. Cut them as a 4x6 and fill your bags! This creates not only a bag full of candy but a fun activity for your kids to do. My girls have loved sorting their colors and playing with these!


Educational and sugar filled! Can't beat that!



parenting girls: the battle with modesty

If I've learned anything about parenting - is the fact that it's hard. Every stage has it's challenges, and every day is new and different. And being a mom to all girls definitely has it's challenges. I've been thinking a lot lately about raising my girls. When you have your babies and they are little you're so busy with diapers, spit up & ABCs you don't think much about what is ahead. It seems like every time I'm out with my girls, someone makes a comment about how tough the teen years will be. As if I don't know the amount of hormones and drama surging through my home?? We are already deep in drama!

Something I battle with a lot is raising these girls in a culture that prides itself on plastic surgery to enhance, starving ourselves to be tiny and then using practically nothing to cover up said parts. I see teenage girls out and about and just want to go cover them up! It's horrifying what our society says is "beautiful"!

But where does this true beauty of a woman start? I believe it starts with the heart, and most importantly I think it begins with my heart. Is my heart in the right place? Am I honoring myself and my body for God's glory? I have to live out what I want my girls to become.

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

Above ALL else. For EVERYTHING flows from it. The heart. It all comes back to the heart issue.


I want to teach them that modesty can mean more than turtlenecks and sweatpants. I want them to know that God created us as woman to be beautiful creatures. He gave us curves and made each one of us perfectly beautiful in His image. And there is nothing wrong with that! It's possible to be modest and protect their hearts and minds without wearing a mumu to the mall!

I want them to be respected by men. I think a lot of times we fault men for how attracted they are to women and blame them for this. But didn't God also create man in His image? He created woman for man to be attracted to. This was His design. His perfect plan. And unfortunately that's where the sin nature comes in. Satan takes our bodies and a man's mind and twists it and perverts it.

So what does teaching modesty look like? Honestly, I'm not quite sure yet. But I'm glad that it's something I'm beginning to think and pray about so I can begin to figure out how to teach this to my precious girls!

How do you teach modesty to your girls? Or if you have boys, how do you guard their hearts and minds?? 

advice for balancing multiple little ones

I get asked all the time how I handle it all. 3 kids 3 and under. That's a lot of kids. A lot of babies. My day revolves around constantly cleaning up messes, breaking up girl fights and making sippy cups of milk and juice. The second I sit down, someone needs something. I hear "mommy" approximately 27 billion times a day. So, you want to know how I do it all? The truth? I don't. But I have some great advice to help you excel at managing multiple babies! These are some things that have really helped me through the last couple of years.


10. Make the room share move early. If you are planning to have your big kids share a room to prepare for baby, make the adjustment early. Remember they are all still babies, and give them time to adjust to all the new changes.

9. Choose one task per day. This has been a big rule for me. Instead of trying to conquer it all, I just choose one thing to conquer. Some days I do the dishes, another day I do laundry. I just don't attempt to overwhelm myself with taking over the world all in one day.

8. Ask for help. This is the hardest for me. I don't do well with asking for help because I feel like I should be able to do it all. I struggle with feeling like because this was my choice, I should be able to handle it all. The truth is that I can't do it all, and I need to ask for help sometimes. Find people who you can ask for help from, and don't be afraid to do it.

7. Find a network of moms. However you have to find them. I'm learning a lot about being intentional with my friendships. If this means you have to seek out people. Email some moms in the season you are in, you never know you could find your best friend! Have someone to send a text message to when you need encouragement in the middle of the day and to share the good days with too.

6. Make time for your husband. You are so busy all day with those little blessings. When bedtime finally comes, there's nothing more you want to do than dig your face into a carton of ice cream and watch Pride & Prejudice for the millionth time. But there's that man. The man that needs you. Take the time to remind him how important he is to you and listen to him.

5. Step away from Pinterest. Use paper plates. Serve corn dogs for dinner. Let your crafts consist of actual crayons and coloring books. Do not compare your parenting to those "perfect moms" you see on pinterest. Put down the mommy measuring stick and do the best you can for your babies.

4. This is just a season. It is. It will not last forever. Hug those babies. Rock them. Read to them. Don't worry about the big things, and take time to focus on the little things. Just remember this season will end, and there will be another season to go through. Take a deep breath.

3. Do something special for your big kids. Remind yourself how much you like your kids. Do little things with them individually to focus on just them. It will mean a lot to them and a lot to you.

2. Take time for you. This is the most important. I can say it until I'm blue in the face, and I'm still terrible about it. Even if it's going grocery shopping by yourself once a week. Do something for yourself. Anything to make you feel like a normal person! It's so easy to get caught up your daily routine, but so important to focus on making you the best you.

1. Lots and lots of grace. And I mean lots of it. It's ok to have pj and movie days. It's ok to not leave the house for a week. It's ok. You are doing a fabulous job, and you can't put too much pressure on yourself. Grace, grace grace.


These are just some of the things that help me. I hope this encourages you and helps you know that you aren't alone as a mom in this tough season! Keep up the good work mama, you've got this!!

What have you found that helps you?


introducing: the baby companion

Confession: I'm not a book reading mama. Someone gave me a certain baby book (we won't go naming names) when I was pregnant with Jessi and I remember sitting to read it and actually laughing out loud. Basically, it wasn't for me. In no way do I think using "methods" are wrong parenting, it's just not my style. I'm an instinctive parent. A heart parent. I go with the needs of each of my kids, and do what my gut tells me.

But that doesn't mean I had all the knowledge. I still use google on so many occasions to ask "why does my baby's poop look like that" or "is it normal behavior for my toddler to stash goldfish in my shoes". You know, the typical things all parents wonder.

Even after 3 kids, it's a new experience each time. All three of my babies had different needs, different sleep schedules and there were always different concerns. It's like a brand new adventure each time around.  

When Jessica told me they were writing The Baby Companion, I was so excited. The idea of bringing medicine+faith together was brilliant! Instead of a book telling you how to parent your children, it gives the facts and ways to pray over yourself and your child through each step of that first year.

Becoming a mom can be scary, whether its your first or twenty first time. After having my second, I really understood there is no such thing as cookie cutter parenting. My girls were so very different. And then 7 weeks ago we added girl #3 and she is her own tiny person as well.


I love that The Baby Companion talks about all the things such as immunization, sleep training, breast vs bottle. We need to know our options as moms so we can make the best educated decision for our family. But for me, the most big part is the heart. Learning how to pray over my babies and what I should be looking for in my own heart as a mom who has just gone through the incredible difficult journey of becoming a mom. That's what I need {but the medical stuff is super awesome too, duh!}.

Want to know the REALLY cool part about The Baby Companion?? I was asked to share a bit of my story to go in the book. There are stories from all sorts of moms sharing their story to make sure us as moms know we aren't alone. Maybe you are an adoptive mom, a military mom or have a child with special needs. Or maybe you are like me and have your babies really close together! There are short stories of encouragement+grace throughout the book!

I hope if you choose to read any baby book, you choose this one. 

How about I share with you my little story from the book?

mystoryTBC The-Baby-Companion

Go here to purchase your very own copy! To celebrate the release of the book, I'll be giving away two copies of The Baby Companion this week!

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a simple christmas craft for toddlers

We are having so much fun teaching our girls about Christmas with our Advent calendar. Jessi has finally caught on to the fact that we do something fun every day and has started asking to "open her present" everyday. We have fun envelopes with the days activity in it, go check them out here! I wanted to share something we did that was a big hit! I like to make an ornament with the girls so they have something to be embarrassed by when they are 17 and their boyfriends come over.  But making ornaments with a 2 year old and 1 year old is kinda tough. Their attention span is about 10 minutes, so I needed something easy but would still turn out great.

Zoey loved her first time painting! I think he digested more paint than ended up on her paper though. Oops.






Supplies: Brown Paint White Paint Heavy Cardstock Something red for nose (I used felt) Something black for eyes (I used buttons) Something to hang it with (I used red sparkly pipe cleaner)


Paint those little feet brown and stamp them on the paper. Once it dries, paint little round white dots for the eyes. Let it all dry really well and cut out around the foot. Glue buttons for eyes and red noses. (I just cut tiny bits of red felt because that's what I had.)

For my oldest, I traced her hands on a paper and let her paint over the top. Once that dried, I cut them out and glued them on as antlers! Turned out really cute!

The end result? An ADORABLE handmade ornament!!


Enjoy creating with your tiny ones!!