Gettin' Oily

I've always been a bit of a skeptic when oils became popular. My husband was an even bigger skeptic. When I was hit with postpartum anxiety a little over a year ago, I had several people tell me I should try oils. But at the time, it was much easier to take a bunch of anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. So for about 10 months I took 3 pills every morning. I felt like it was the easiest and most effective option (and maybe it was at the time) but I wasn't in a place to try something so unknown to me.

A friend of mine brought me different samples to try over the past few months and we've loved them. When I couldn't sleep for weeks, I tried "Peace and Calming" for a couple of nights and slept like I hadn't in years. I tried lavender, thieves and several other oils and was intrigued. Although I was still super skeptical because I hadn't been able to use them regularly.


Taking the plunge to start using oils is a bit pricey, so we found it easier to just pay that $5 pharmacy co-pay as opposed to the higher price tag for all of the oils. We have several issues for us and the girls that I'm tired of using medicine over and over for.

Eczema. All of the girls have eczema and Makenzi has it really bad. We have always just used the over the counter lotions for the big girls, but Kenz is at the point of her skin cracking and bleeding. The prescription medicine is expensive and I hate putting something on her that I have no idea what is in it.

Allergies. Brook has really bad allergies and has been doing allergy shots for almost a year, but he's still battling with them. In the last few weeks Kenzi has been hit hard with allergies too. Her poor little eyes are swollen, nose is constantly pouring.

Soreness. Um, I think I'm getting old. I should probably be hitting the gym to get back into shape, but while I'm chasing 3 kids around, running a ministry and a blog/small biz I will just be tired. I hope I can use the oils to help with my tired body and bring me a little extra energy.

Stress/Anxiety. Since going off of my meds, I've still been battling with some anxiety. Plus, I'm going through a really tough season with my middle child, which is putting me through the ringer.

We got the Young Living Oils Starter Kit, and have already started treating for allergies. I am really hoping to see some relief soon.  I'm looking forward to our new journey with oils and hoping to walk into healing and better health for my family! I'm excited to share this with you too.

What are your favorite ways to use oils?

I'm back and a Retreat recap!

This past month has been a whirlwind. A wonderful, beautiful whirlwind. I had to take a break from some things and blogging had to take a backseat. I have my head filled with words to write and things I want to share about all that is going on! Goodness, I miss this outlet of sharing my life and my heart.

This past weekend we had the Thrive Moms Retreat. A dream I've had for a very long time became a reality as thousands of women gathered to be encouraged and inspired to seek Christ as their hiding place. The teaching was AMAZING and I have probably watched each session about 10 times, but I still want to watch it more and more and soak in every bit of wisdom. It was an absolute honor and joy of mine to host this event with my dear friend Nathalie. To watch  moms to step out of "survival mode" and truly believe see how precious and wonderful this calling of motherhood is!

If you missed the Retreat, you can see the recording here. We are also doing a 10 Day Devotional study together that I would love for you to join in! You can find the devo on you YouVersion Bible App by searching "hiding place" in the plans, or find it here on your computer.

Saturday I felt like I birthed my 4th child after Retreat was over. I was exhausted and on such a high. It was so nice to be done and go to the park with my girls and just enjoy not thinking about anything else!


I have a jam packed schedule these days with Thrive, my shop, Influence Conference planning and my blog. It's all become practically a full time job, and I've loved becoming a "work at home mom". It takes a lot of work to figure out how that balance works, but it's given me so much joy to pour into these different avenues of things I absolutely love!

Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me a lot more here on the blog now that Retreat is over!

PS. I’m having an IG card sale today for the final Mother’s Day cards at 1pm CST! Go snag a card for your mom if you haven’t already!

rest and why it's good for the soul

rest1 I'm not very good at taking breaks. I'm what one might call an "overachiever". I mean come on, I had 3 babies in under three years. That's just showing off! #winkyface But seriously, I really have a hard time stopping. I am involved in a lot of things and so it's easy for me to keep my mind spinning at full speed and never slow down.

My friend Nathalie told me the other day I remind her of an energizer bunny, and while this is funny, it can be a bit scary too. I never thought I would become a "work-a-holic", but I have found myself becoming a little energizer bunny. I've actually had the thought at bedtime "hmmm, I could drink a cup of coffee and stay up working and just sleep a couple of hours". BUT NO. That's bad!

Rest is SO important not only physically, but mentally. It's important to take some time to flip the switch in the "off" position and just not think about check lists and emails and the mountain of orders in your inbox.

Last week we took a little Spring Break trip to our family's lake house. It was such a great week of relaxation and just being together as a family. But work-a-holic me just couldn't turn off the brain. Although I got a TON of work done and that is fun, I've noticed that it's hard for me to flip the switch. I promised myself I would take the day off on Saturday and not work. As we sat at the kitchen table Saturday morning and my husband was checking his March Madness bracket and the girls were eating breakfast, I starting feeling that heavy overwhelming feeling like I SHOULD be checking my email and working on 12 different projects and doing ALL OF THE THINGS!!! I had to snap myself out of it and remind my energizer brain that I have to slow down. I have to take time to rest.

After my slight breakdown, and flipping my brain to the off position, I had an incredible day with my family. Taking naps, watching movies, eating ice cream at bed time. The things that a vacation and a time of rest are made of!

I came back from vacation feeling very refreshed and relaxed. I'm still learning how to balance it all, and honestly I'm not sure if I will ever figure that out. I wish there was a formula of how to best manage everything, but I think that's just something I have to work on every day.

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Are you taking time for rest in the midst of it all? How do you find ways to turn off your brain and allow your body and mind to relax?

sex, marriage and fairytales

I saw this video yesterday and I just had to share it. What an incredible message of what God intended marriage to look like. I'm so thankful that I have a marriage built on friendship, laughter and fun. We are about to celebrate 6 years of marriage and it's been the best 6 years because we have a relationship built on Christ and nothing else. February is the month of "love" and unfortunately love can be so skewed in our world today. God had big plans for what He wanted love and marriage to be like. He showed us the greatest act of love in sacrificing His son for us. There's nothing more beautiful than sacrifice in love.

So, how's your marriage? Come on, let's be honest. 

Because if your marriage rests on anything but Jesus, it's resting in something broken. 

remember when Christmas happened?

The past month has been a whirlwind of sickness, traveling, playing catch up and settling back into real life after the holidays. It always flies by so fast. I plugged my camera into my computer this weekend only to realize I had never even downloaded our pictures from Christmas. As I sit here tonight listening to all three of my babies cough in their sleep and struggle to breathe through the stuffed up noses, these pictures bring so much joy to my heart. A sweet reminder of the precious times that motherhood brings. The joy that comes from Christmas morning and rolling out a fresh batch of gingerbread cookies and opening Christmas presents as big as they are. So thankful for these moments.

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