a totally epic colorful birthday!

I'm one of "those moms" when it comes to my kid's birthdays. I'm obsessed. But the more children I have, and the more birthdays we celebrate...the less I've been doing. Most likely it's the lack of energy to do anything since I'm chasing them all day! I think I started planning Jessi's 1st Birthday Party when she was about 6 months old. So about two weeks ago, I was sitting at my dining room table (with little people running amuck around me) and realized Zoey's birthday was sneaking up. So I whipped open photoshop and threw together an invite in about 20 minutes. ::pat on the back:: So yeah, the past couple of weeks I've been (quickly) throwing together a 2 year old's birthday party like a mad woman! We had the party last weekend and it was wonderful. Zo had a blast and felt so special. Mission accomplished!

Introducing: Zoey's totally epic colorful 2nd birthday 

color party!party1party2party3party12party10 party4party5party9party8party6party7 party13



Rainbow Cake: white box cake (gasp!), 6 in cake pans & a lot of food coloring! Homemade buttercream frosting & sprinkles galore!

Kid Fun: I made chocolate cupcakes for the kiddos and did a rainbow of icing colors and all kinds of fun toppings. They kids decorated their own cupcakes and got to eat them! They loved this hands on fun and got a yummy treat out of it! At the end of the party, we had a silly string fight! (Our dollar tree had silly string for $1 a can so it was much cheaper!!)

Food: We had the party at 9am, so we had sprinkle donuts, fruit, cake pops & cupcakes, Coffee and lemonade. Simple and perfect! The kids also LOVED the milk shots! (Use melting chocolate to dip the rim of the glass and then dip in sprinkles. It was perfect...but beware of sprinkle unibrows!)

Decor: All things bright and colorful! My favorites were the little rainbow centerpieces. Fill a vase with marshmallows and create a rainbow from rainbow twizlers! Any bright and colorful candy added a great touch. I went "less is more" with this party and it turned out great. Bright colored table cloths from party city brought in a lot of pops of color too.

Invite: That thing I threw together in 20 minutes and mailed out? Yup! Sorry, Zo! I promise I spent more time on your 1st Birthday!!


Happy 2nd Birthday ZoZo!!! 


life lately: a vacation

We've been in recovery mode the past week from a wonderful vacation. We spent 11 days away at our family's lake house and it was amazing. I recently had a bad flare up of postpartum anxiety and was not doing well, so a trip away was just what I needed. I was able to get a lot of rest, alone time and time with my hubby and sisters that I so needed. We made s'mores, went on nature walks, jessi caught a fish, watched a lot of sunsets, did some fun crafts, and enjoyed some much needed relaxation and family time. The "re-entry" period into real life after vaca is never easy so the past week has been a bit of a struggle but we are adjusting. I've been feeling better and doing all I can to fight off the anxiety. Time away like we've had always reminds me of how blessed we are and how amazing our three beautiful girls are. So thankful for them and for this chance to spend some great family time together!

Enjoy some pics from our trip!

lately7 lately1 lately2lately3 lately5lately6 lately4

IMG_9447 IMG_9823 IMG_9678 IMG_9776 IMG_9556 IMG_9590 IMG_9764IMG_9640 IMG_9584

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vacation schmacation

Well, hello there. Sorry if you feel like you are having a dejavu, but I had some issues with losing blog posts last week and am attempting to recreate them. We got home from vacation Sunday evening, and it was a great 11 days away. Having my hubby for that long and grandparent help was amazing. I got much needed alone time and a chance to spend a lot of time with the Lord. I also did some shopping and had lots of fun sister time. Can't beat that! Sidenote - Are you a part of the Thrive community? It's been growing like crazy and God is blessing us in huge ways! It's been amazing to see Him work in the hearts of moms and allow us to get to be a part of that! There's a lot of fun and exciting stuff ahead for us, so make sure you are getting the newsletter!!

For now, I'm just going to leave you with some pictures because I have a lot going on in my head and I'm having trouble focusing :) Enjoy some of our vac a fun, I've barely scratched the surface of going through pictures but there are some great ones I loved! We vacation with 3 families and total there are 26 adults and 8 kids. 8 kids ages 3 and under. Jessi is the oldest. So quite a few babies. It's wild but fun! 

vaca1 vaca2 vaca3 vaca4 vaca5

our easter

We had a fabulous Easter with my family! We hunted eggs, made birds nests, planted flowers, ate yummy food and most importantly, celebrated the resurrection of our Lord! The girls had a blast playing together and spending time with family. Oh, and that time that I left a piece of chocolate in Zoey's Easter basket on the way home from the egg hunt? Oops. That was a giant, hilarious mess. 

Enjoy a huge photo dump today and a little fun yummy activity to do with the kids!! It doesn't even have to be Easter to do this one!

easter1 easter2 easter3 easter4

easter6 easter7 easter8 easter9easter10

nests zonests

easter11easter12 easter13

easter14Chocolate Birds Nests

(Makes 4 birds nests, increase recipe for the amount you need)

INGREDIENTS 4oz chocolate 1 cup small chow mein noodles Coconut shavings Food Coloring Egg Candy (we used Reece's Pieces Eggs)

DIRECTIONS  1) Melt Chocolate 2) Stir in noodles 3) Divide mixture into muffin tins and allow to set (put in the freezer to help with this process) 4) Add food coloring to coconut shavings, or just leave it white

Let the kids add the grass and eggs!

If your kids are older, they can help with forming the eggs, but this is a great fun thing for even tiny toddlers! A simple and fun craft for any age, and then they get to eat it when they are done! 

easter15 easter16 easter17

It was a great weekend.

How was yours?