mother hen without a nest

We recently made a big life change.  A big one. The move from Southern California to Oklahoma has happened. It hasn't been the easiest adjustment {um, hello freezing COLD}, but we are slowly beginning to make our life here.  We are thankful to have friends and family closer, and for all the help. But I hate that unsettled feeling. The feeling of the unknown.  We are jobless. We are uncertain. We are frankly...a little scared. I'm a nester. I love having my space and making it my own. It's just what I do. As a huge blessing to us, my inlaws have opened their home to us. They have a house in Oklahoma, but currently live in Alaska. We couldn't be more blessed to have this place to live. But with the unknown ahead, I just can't bring myself to unpack all the boxes and settle in. It's not our space. Not totally.

I find myself feeling held back from what I do, but excited for what is ahead. I am on hold from my normal nesting.

A mother hen without a nest.

Trying to feel "settled" and be content and any and all circumstances.

How do you handle the unknown and learn to be content when you don't know what is ahead for you and your family?