the madness that is march


Well as most of you likely know, March Madness is in full swing.  Which mostly consists of my husband sitting on the couch with one game on the big screen, one game on tv in the bedroom and another game on alex (the macbook).  Last year we had just been married a short 3 weeks when the madness began so that was interesting but I was well aware of the addiction my hubby has and prepared for several weeks of being 2nd :) 

However, I do enjoy me some march madness!  I can't remember the last time I didn't fill out a bracket! It's fun now competing with Brook, and we usually seem to be very close in the runnings.  I don't typically care about any teams (except for my Pokes of course!!!) but it's fun to cheer on the teams I picked!

My Pokes are playing right now, and I'm sitting at work where I can't watch the game.  My husband is likely at home surrounded by several different games.  I left him a "honey-do" list today and I'm interested to see how that goes!!

Happy March! Good luck with your brackets! Who did you pick to win?