baby girl

the big nursery reveal

Finally, I can reveal the nursery! Since her precious little name was all over the place, I had to keep it hidden for so long. I absolutely love how it turned out. We went with a "vintage" theme, and used a fun variety of colors. I love that it's more subtle, and not an explosion of just pink. The charcoal walls? Love them. Most of the vintage toys and decor we used were things from mine & hubby's childhood. Which just makes it even more special.

Since I did these pics on my phone, they aren't the best color. Give me a break...I just had a baby.

you're invited!

We are in full on party mode. Banners are being hung. Final decor is being made. Soon the baking will begin. After being out of Event Planning for a year now, I'm thrilled to have a party to plan...even if it's just our humble little 1st birthday! What a joy it is to plan an event to honor our little girl. Her eyes lit up this morning when she saw her birthday banner hanging! I know she has no idea what it is, or what it's for...but she loved it. That made this mama's heart so happy. I hope she enjoys her party and all the fun we have planned for her!

I wish I could gather up all my wonderful blogging friends and you could all be here to play and celebrate!

Here's a little sneaky peak at what the party will hold...

10 month letter

Munchkin, I'm in shock that you are 10 months old today. This month has been a complete joy. Watching you learn and grow is hilarious and fun. You took your first steps this month! Only about 5 unsupported steps but it was so exciting! I screamed so loud that I scared you back to crawling. You love to explore and discover new things. It's hard to keep you out of everything and you get so frustrated with me when I tell you "no no".

You are starting to talk more and more. You try to repeat everything we say, but most of it just comes out cute jabber. You can say bye-bye, night-night and your new favorite is "Uh-oh". It's my favorite too and so cute!

You love your doggie so much. Most mornings you are more excited to see him than me or daddy. You won't give me kisses, but always give kisses to the dog. He puts up with you and is so kind to sit and let you play with him. I know you two will be best friends for many years!

But the most exciting part of this month, was the news that you are going to be a big sister. We are so excited to grow our family and I know you are going to be a fantastic big sister. You are going to have so much fun with this little baby and being a big sis. I hope you always share as well as you do now and learn to care for others with that precious heart of yours.

I love you so much stinker. You are the light of my life, and make everyday a blast. Thank you for the joy you bring to our lives.

Love you to the moon & back, Mama

the post in which i'm thankful

It's Thanksgiving! Duh. I'm sure you are all stuffing your faces, and hanging out with family and not reading blogs today. Oh wait, you are reading! Sweet! Since it's Thanksgiving, I thought I would share with you a few things I am thankful for this year. Last year on Thanksgiving, I was 25 weeks pregnant with my baby girl.

This year, she turns 8 months old.

My how times flies.

I must say, I'm so stinking thankful she's not in my belly! We are having a blast living in OK and spending tons of time with family & friends. I'm incredibly thankful for the people around us, welcoming us with open arms and making our move easier! I'm overwhelmed with thanks this year!!

What I'm not thankful for: not having an excuse to eat for two.

What are you thankful for?