the monthly rundown: 22 and 5 months


Two months from 2. Good grief. She really decided recently that she's going to act like a two year old. The whining is intense and testing us constantly. But the cuteness is full force. We are having a blast. She plays so well by herself now, but still loves to have mama and daddy near. Adoring her baby sister and having so much fun playing with her, and doing so great sharing time with her.

She's talking like crazy in full sentences. She's compassionate and sweet. Such a tender heart. She loves to sing. She knows This Little Light of Mine, Ring around the Rosie, Head and Shoulders, Happy Birthday and Jesus Loves me. She can count to ten (skipping 4, 6 and usually 9) and is starting to say the ABC's (also skipping about 10 letters). We are starting to learn our colors, can't point them out very well but we are getting there.


She loves to go to church and is doing so much better away from mama and daddy. She loves the bubble machines at church and singing songs and is playing much better with other kids. We enjoy trips to the zoo and to the park. She's getting brave playing on the playground and going down slides like a pro! Getting to be a little bit of a dare devil! We are still taking our time with potty training, but getting better at it when we really try.



I don't think there has ever been a happier baby than you. You are such a joy! You have reached my favorite baby age, and it's an absolute blast. You play so happily all day, and are content. You are crazy about your big sister. You love watching her play, and she makes you laugh more than anyone.

You are getting stronger and growing so much! We finally moved you into 3-6 month clothes. I love how tiny and petite you are, and those precious cheeks are to die for! You still aren't sleeping through the night, but you do every couple of weeks which is a nice relief for mama.


You are rolling and scooting around the floor. You still don't really like being on your belly and if you roll over at night you get upset. You are making tons of noise and having fun finding your voice!

We are having a blast! We love you so much sweet girl.

To the ends of the earth, Mama

how to not kill your husband {after having a baby}

They say the first year of marriage is hard, but "they" don't tell you much about the first year after having a baby. That's the year that will rock you. Next to marrying the love of your life, the greatest joy you will ever experience is having a child. Your heart completely explodes when that child is born and every bit of your energy and time goes into that tiny little person. So, what about your husband? Your marriage gets put on the back burner. That's just the way it is. Your husband is perfectly capable of making his own sandwich and washing his own clothes. But the baby? Not so much. They need you every second of the day. They 100% rely on you.

For the first year, you as the mama are the primary caregiver. Then Daddy becomes the primary fun giver.

Yes, you share responsibilities with your hubby to raise the child, but when they are teeny little humans...mama just knows best. We are born with parental instincts, while for the most part men kinda have to figure their way around a baby.

Here's my best shot at advice to help you survive that first year, and come out on the other side still over the moon for your man.

1. Give yourself some grace. You just had a baby. Even when 5 months has gone by, you still just had a baby. You can't compare yourself to those super moms you see on tv who walk out of the hospital in their size 2 designer jeans. That's just not normal. Remind yourself that this is a very short time in your life, go eat some ice cream and give yourself a big bear hug. Grace is the key.

2. Take your time. Ahem, in the bedroom that is. Just because you get the "all clear" from your doc at 6 weeks, doesn't mean you may be ready to jump in the sack. Seriously, take your time. It all changes after having that baby. Ease into what works for you, don't just rush it because the doctor says it's ok and you feel like you need to!

3. Talk it out. Are you struggling? Tell him. A lot of things change around your house after a baby and it's important to keep the lines of communication open and talk through things with each other. Figure out what you expect out of one another, and be open and honest!

4. Make a plan. Do you both work and plan to trade off night feedings? Do you expect him to put the baby in bed? Do you want him to help you with some housework or do the grocery shopping? Figure out way to help each other, and don't be afraid to ask him for some help! Make a plan, ask each other for help! Do it!

5. Go on a date. Or several actually. It's so easy to barely spend any time together away from baby. Your life becomes wrapped around this person, but you have to remember in 18 years they will be gone and you still need to like each other. Get all fancied up and go out to dinner. It's ok if you talk about baby all night, just talk! Enjoy each other! Hold hands and love each other. I promise a few hours alone will be a HUGE breath of fresh air after diapers, spit up and sleepless nights.

I promise I'm no expert on this subject, but I'm in the middle of doing it for the second time. I've learned a lot and failed a lot. My husband and I will come out on the other side still crazy about each other, because we will continue to work at it. I guarantee you that it's hard. Sometimes you'll just want to punch him right in the face for not understanding you...but remember he's a man and he's not going to understand you. Give him the opportunity to try and work at it every single day!

There's something about that moment on your child's first birthday, as they tear into their cake that you make eye contact with your other half and sigh a deep sigh and say "WE MADE IT!"

big sister gifts for the big day!

Hey! Surprise! We're having a baby next week! Oh right, that's all I talk about these days. I wanted to get Jessi Girl a special "big sister" gift, but since she's only 17 months and clueless as to what is actually happening...I decided to go a different route. I had an idea to do a daily gift for her when she comes to the hospital to visit. Now it is special for her, and she has something to entertain her while she's visiting! Win, win!

I put together these little goodie bags for each day. I hope she loves them, and enjoys playing. I know little sister will be exciting to her, but I'm sure after about 10 minutes and realizing she can't drag her around like she does her baby dolls...she'll be bored and need something to do.

Since we are having a c-section, we are planning for three full days in the hospital so I made 3 bags for each day she'll come visit us. Check them out!

- Day One Bag - Big Sister Book Bouncy ball {that lights up!} Bubbles to take home & enjoy Awesome "On the Go Art Case" from aPearantly Sew!!!

- Day Two Bag - Piggy Bank Toy Fun Bouncy Ball "You Are My Sunshine" book

- Day Three Bag - Little People SUV (with a baby in back!!) Play-Doh "Guess How Much I Love You" book

Can't wait to spoil Big Sis a little bit too, while Little Sis is getting so much attention!!

What did you do for your older siblings when having a new baby?

2.0's nursery plans

With tiny person number two on the way, and realizing that we are halfway through the's time to start dreaming up a new nursery! Jessi Girl's nursery was a rockstar theme, very hot pink and black. Hardcore and awesome. I'm planning to continue that theme with a twist for her big girl room, and I want to do something a little more girly for little sister.

I'm planning to paint the room a charcoal color, and thinking maybe pinks and yellows that will really pop against it.

FABRICS Which is your fav???

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

There's a really large window in the nursery, and I think I'll just go with a solid pink or yellow curtain that will stand out against those dark walls, but be easily re-usable in another kid's room.


These amazing prints are from Yellow Heart Art. I'm kinda obsessed.

I want a few of these to frame in some awesome vintage frames like this:

Plus, I HAVE to get a super cute painting from Lindsey at Aisle to Aloha. I am thinking I'll have her paint me something to go great with whatever fabric I choose for the bedding. Or this owl. CUTE!

And some shelves to house this amazing painting, and some fun little girly things!

Like one of these cuties from I Sew Lucky:

I already have some cute yellow & pink lanterns, and thought they'd look adorable hanging in the corner of her room above the crib. Modern twist on a mobile!

That's all I've got so far. It's so fun dreaming up a nursery for our second little girl! Girls rooms are a blast! And this will be pretty easy since we already have all the furniture.

Please comment and let me know your favorite fabric or if you've seen anything awesome lately in these colors!! I can't wait to get started and share the journey with you of our new nursery!