St- Anne's Cathedral

israel: day seven - part 2

Abraham was kind enough to throw in a few extra things for us this day, so I wanted to post seperately to share about them! Pools of Bethesda - Also known as the "house of healing".  Apparently the sick would gather at this pool, and according to John, that an angel would stir the waters and the first one into the pool would be healed.  Jesus passed by here one day and there was a man who had not been healed.  The man told Jesus that he had no one to lift him into the pool so he could not be healed.  Jesus told him to pick up his mat and walk! So cool!

St. Anne's Cathedral - This church is believed to be the birthplace of Mary, and is named after Jesus' grandmother.  Kinda cool to think of Jesus having a grandma! Well the acoustics in this place were outstanding! The way it is built, voices just echo throughout and sound amazing.  Reagan got up and sang Amazing Grace for us, and it was beautiful!! I finally begged Brook to get up and sing something once everyone had left, but then they all heard him and made him do it again :) Not sure I've ever heard him sound better.  I took a rough video on my camera that doesn't do justice but here it is anyway!

[vsw id="i0pHBuy6Kzc" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]