wordless{ish} wednesday: snow much fun!

We have had an amazingly warm winter, but finally got struck by cold this past week. We got a little bit of snow, so Jessi woke up so excited and itching to go play! We bundled up, and enjoyed a little snow!

By the time the girls were up from their naps, all the snow was gone! Thanks 50 degrees! I can handle a few hours of snow and back to sunshine!

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real mom of the metro!

Did you hear?? I'm famous!! Ok, well that's not really true. But... I was featured as May's "Real Mom of the Metro" in MetroFamily Magazine! MetroFamily is a fantastic source for all things parenting for the central Oklahoma region. If you are local (Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, etc.) you can pick up your copy on any of these 400 stands across the Metro. Dang, that's a LOT of places that have my face. But my cute kid is in it too...so WORTH IT!

Seriously, this is a great magazine for local families. You find out all kinds of info of what's going on, get tons of deals and DUH meet really cool mama's like MUH-SELF!

Since a lot of my readers aren't local, I wanted you to be able to check out my super duper fun article too!

Click here to see the feature!

It was truly an honor to be featured in MetroFamily Magazine. They are amazing to work with, and doing some great stuff in our area. I'm touched that they selected me as their "Real Mom of the Metro" for the month of May. I've had to make sure I have my bodyguard with me (aka hubs) when I leave the house now because the paparazzi are nutty! ;)

snow day

If you've turned the news on in the last week, you might have noticed that most of the country is covered in a giant white snow blanket. Oh, you noticed? Cool. Well, Oklahoma got hit pretty hard. We got around a foot of snow at our house so we've been laying low and hanging out at home for a few days. Yesterday we had to get out for a bit, so we bundled up and went out to play! Munchkin was not very excited about us plopping her in that freezing cold white stuff. Mostly I think she was mad at me because she couldn't put her arms down. Poor kid was probably sweating under all those layers.

Enjoy our snow day pics!

tasting the snow. she was not a fan.

oh so un-sure.

please don't make me play in this stuff.

really not okay with this.

mama, i'm cold.

considered having fun for a split second.

happy family of 4 (teeny little 8 week old fetus in tow!)

Did you get snow? How did you enjoy your snow days?

a major move

Well, we are moved. Sorta. The babe and I flew in to Oklahoma on Saturday evening and hubs began the horrid drive on Sunday morning. He is on day two on the road with the pup. I'm so thankful he's doing it for us and we aren't trying to do it with the baby. Man that would be bruuuutal. Blogging, tweeting and pretty much everything has been next to non-existent while we attempt to move and settle into our new home here. Its different. Its not Huntington Beach. Its supposed to get in the 20's later this week. Not. Okay.

But we are excited about this new chapter and what is ahead for us. Hopefully a job for hubs.

Ok, give me a day or two to settle and I promise we'll be back to our regularly scheduled awesomeness.