family vacation 2011 - a photo explosion!

We went on vacation last week with the "Family Fun Network". I was blessed to have married into this amazing group of people including four families and all their offspring. The parents met when they were our ages, and Brook was about 4. They started vacationing together once a year, and the rest is history!

Last spring, three of the young married couples had babies, so vacation is even more exciting with three toddlers! A 16 month old, 15 month old & 14 month old. Wowzers, we are baby making machines. Oh, and remember how extremely pregnant I am? Yup.

We had a great time at the lake. Funny thing is, the lake was infected with some nasty alge so we didn't even get in the water. But that didn't stop us from having a blast! It was hard on me being so pregnant, because I couldn't participate in all the activities, but I enjoyed couch sitting while the grandparents and aunts & uncles chased my firstborn.

Here's the whole group (minus 3 who are not pictured):

-- Belly buttons & kisses --

{click on any picture to see full size}

-- Fun times with daddy --

-- All the girlies --

-- Mamas and the little ones --

-- Jessi & Lila did a little mini photoshoot --


-- And best of all....lots of pool fun!!!! --

Such an incredible week of relaxation and fun with family & friends. I'm so thankful for this amazing group of people. They threw us a surprise baby shower, and we were able to buy our double stroller from the blessings they poured out on us! Seriously, amazing!

wordless{ish} wednesday - 4th of july fun!

We had a wonderful 4th of July!! It's one of my favorite holidays. I just love the summer fun, family, friends, yummy food...and fireworks. I just love the fireworks!! We spent the day in Tulsa swimming and hanging out with family & friends, then headed back home for fireworks. Since we are the coolest parents ever, we kept the toddler up until 10 for the show. She really enjoying watching the bright lights in the sky! And to make it all even better...she slept in until 11:30 the next day. Talk about wonderful traditions! I love making memories with my sweet little family!

Enjoy the picture overload!

We were all so excited Aunt CiCi flew in from Houston to see us!!!

Pool fun with daddy!

Caaaaa-ute neked babes!

Oh man, this face...

My sweet little girl, waiting for the fireworks show to start!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

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the okie trip

We got home last night from a great trip to visit family and friends in Oklahoma.  This was Jessi Girl's first flight, trip to OK and first time to see most of the family.  She did so great on the flight there and back! I couldn't believe it.  My apologies to everyone who got to witness the lungs of our sweet girl.  The amount of people overwhelmed Jessika and she was a bit stressed throughout the trip.  I had no idea that a trip could be so traumatic on an infant, but now I know! I didn't realize how attached she had become to mommy & daddy either! I'm glad she's as crazy about us as she is!

A brief moment of smiles...

The best part of this trip...was the break I got.  I left my baby girl for the first time, and actually did something for myself.  It was great.  Brook and I were able to even spend a little time together just us.  Thank you to our family for hanging with the kiddo and letting us get a breather!!

We spent several days in Edmond and even got to take a quick trip to Tulsa to see Adam, Stacy and baby Jackson!! We saw what seemed to be millions of fam and friends and then we were off to Purcell for a few days.  Sunday we spent the day with my brother and celebrated our niece's 1st birthday.

It was a wonderful trip, but Jessi is happy to be home and back in her routine. I'm happy that the screaming has lessened. Hopefully the next trip won't be so stressful on our girl!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TAELYN!! Aunt KK loves you!!

OC Baby Shower!

This weekend the girls at the church threw me a baby shower. I feel so blessed and am so thankful that people want to pour into us and our little baby girl! I guess my friends felt sorry for me after this post a couple weeks ago, because they bought me my dream diaper bag! I'm sure hubby is very grateful as well because now he doesn't have to listen to me whine about how much I want it (and doesn't have to buy it for me!).

Just a glimpse of the joy... yup there were tears shed over a bag.

[vsw id="sU_-9xEwjDM" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

A huge thank you to the girls who hosted a shower for me!! You guys rock!