Friday Belly Shot

friday belly more!

We have had a wonderfully exhausting first week.  Jessi is a blast! She's a very alert baby and very smart.  She hasn't quite figured out her days and nights and spends most of the night awake. It is actually 2:00am and I'm writing this one handed as I snuggle her. I may be tired but I know this precious time will fly by so I am cherishing every moment. It's been fun sharing my growing belly with you weekly, but I'm so thankful that has come to an end!! Goodbye belly...Hello Jessi!!

No more friday belly shots for me!

friday belly shot

We made it.  FORTY WEEKS! Today is our official due date! It's crazy to look back on the past nine months and how I never thought March 12th would ever get here.'s here. And I'm still pregnant. I'm not progressing very quickly (although we all know labor can start in an instant, and that's all up to the Big Guy), so we go in on Tuesday to check up on the kiddo and sit and make some decisions.  There is a possibility I might have to have a c-section due to some issues, or we may possibly induce and try this thing naturally.  Ideally I'd like to just go into labor on my own and have her naturally but she's taking her sweet time and the doctor is concerned to let me go too much longer.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers over the next week.  Pray she comes on her own.  Pray she comes SOON.  Pray for my strength to do this thing, and the hubby to be able to support me without me telling him I hate him for doing this to me!

It's been a long, but joyous 9 months.  The best is yet to come.

40 Weeks

friday belly shot

Well we're down to the end!! 7 days. One week.  Hard to believe! Now we're just hoping and praying she makes her arrival this week sometime! The contractions have been pretty intense all week and we've had a couple times we thought we might be off to the hospital but no such luck.  Getting pretty tired, miserable and uncomfortable.  Ahhh the joys of pregnancy. Come soon little one!!

39 Weeks