i dont like church

GASP! **Disclaimer: This is not about any church in particular, nor pointing fingers at anyone! Just my thoughts in general :)

Ok, yeah I'm a pastor's wife.  But hear me out here people.  Church irritates me! I don't understand why we go to church and sit up straight, act extremely spiritual, and suck up to our pastor's as if they are the gateways to heaven.  We don't get excited about worship, and we act super perfect. 

Is that really us though, or is it what we think is expected of us?

I wish church was more like a football game or a concert.  I wish we got excited to be there.  Talked to people like they are normal human beings.  If someone showed up at a football game that had never been before, you wouldn't start talking to them about the line of scrimage, a safety and get all excited about a 1st and 10.  You would explain to them what a 1st and 10 is, and use language they would understand.  Make sense? Stay with me people. 

On the subject of football, you don't go to a game that you really love and just sit there.  You jump up and down, you scream, you clap, you cheer.  You are REALLY pumped up.  And when your team wins, there is celebration. 

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret....our team ALWAYS wins! Duh! But where is the celebration? Where is the excitement? I tell you where it is: it's at the football stadiums and the concert halls.  We don't dare bring that in the doors of a church because heaven forbid we get excited about Jesus Christ!

I think heaven is going to be like the super bowl of all super bowls.  There is going to be more celebration than we have ever experienced!! But why aren't we preparing ourselves for that NOW? Why do we treat "church" like a place we have to sit up straight and use big fancy weird words? Why don't we act like we do at a football game (ok maybe not yelling at the pastors when you don't like their song choice or something...that would be funny though!!). 

outcastsI'm craving some passion and some sacrifice.  To really reach the lost in a way they'll understand.  Why do we cater to believers? We're already in the big game, it's the people around us that aren't. 

They need to not be freaked out by our "churchy" ways that have been drilled into our heads.  We have to be willing to change and adapt to the culture or we're losing people even more.  We need to make them comfortable enough to confront them with the truth.  That's what it's all about!

What can you do to reach the lost and get more excited about the celebration of Christ that we call 'church'?? Your thoughts?


Football Blog

I attended my first OU-Texas football game this weekend.  Yeah I married an OU fan.  How insane am I?? Well, could have been worse....I could have married a Texas fan. The bad part was, during a really good point in the game, I caught myself clapping for OU.  Ouch.  I didn't mean to...simply got caught up in the moment.  I promise it will NEVER happen again.

However, in my vows I did say "I promise to TRY to be happy when the Sooners win" (yeah I actually did put that in my vows.  I'm weird) So I was just being  a good wife thats all.

We had fun and even though the outcome was not what my darling husband was hoping for, it was a good game and we had a good time.

Oh....and by the way did you see my COWBOYS with the big win??? HOORAY! Moving on up!

Ok thats enough for my first football blog.  Brook's starting to rub off on me.