our highlight reel {the little things}

Some weeks are harder than others. We started out with Zoey running an unexplained fever for 2 days, and then Jessi got the highest fever I've ever had to see from my kids. 104.2. Wow, that was scary. Not only do you have sick kids, and then you wake up at 4am with the most vicious bladder infection ever and it just won't.go.away.

That was my week.

I finally went to the doctor yesterday for them to confirm: "wow, you have a really bad bladder infection". Oh, thank you. Now give me some medicine. I'm finally feeling a bit better, but WOW. That wasn't fun. I didn't sleep for two nights straight, so I'm dragging and exhausted. 

Our life isn't always pretty, but dang we have some pretty good times.

I'm thankful for the little things that keep me going.

-- Pool day with our best buds --

-- Coffee treat for mama after a healthy 9 month check up --

-- Laughter and snuggles from my precious girls --

-- Lots of water fun and playing with friends --


-- A trip downtown with daddy --


-- Silly, silly girls. I just love them to pieces. --

What are some things that blessed you this week?


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easter 2012 recap

I hope you all had a great Easter! We sure did! Here's a few pics of our fun day together. I'm in mega party mode getting ready for Jessi's birthday party this weekend, so you might not hear from me much this week. Next time I throw a party for one of my kids, I'm shipping them off to grandma's for the week so I can prep :)

They already share secrets!

Jessi & Jackson had so much fun hunting eggs!

And Zoey loved her first Easter!

And what's better than a ton of good food, egg hunts and a super cute baby in bunny ears??

OUR JESUS IS RISEN. He is still risen today and we get to celebrate the gift He gave us.

That's just AWESOME.

advent 2011

Our Advent Calendar for 2011This was a huge hit with my kiddos, and we had a blast learning about Christmas. It was a perfect way to introduce Christmas to the little ones, and my toddler loved learning different things about the season and what Christmas is all about.

Day One: Deck the Halls! We got window stickers & Jessi loved decorating! Day Two: Make ornaments. Our hand print ornaments were a bust, so we made snowmen too.

Day Three: Watch The Little Drummer Boy! Jessi loves this Veggie Tales Movie, even Zoey joined us! Day Four: Visit a live nativity! It was so fun to see the story of Jesus come to life.

Day Five: Drink Hot Chocolate! Jessi loved it!! She kept saying "CHOCK-IT! CHOCK-IT!!!" Day Six: Let it snow! We learned about snow & made some for our windows.

Day Seven: Buy our 2011 ornaments. Jessi was more interested in pulling them all off the shelf. Day Eight: Christmas crafts! She loved getting into the paint and we made a wreath!

Day Nine: Christmas card pictures! Oh man they are cute! Day Ten: Christmas pancakes!! We made snowmen...the snow was her favorite part:)

Day Eleven - Make grandparent gifts! We did a fun picture of the girls! Day Twelve - Sing a Christmas Carol. We went to Target and she sang Jingle Bells to everyone.

Day Thirteen - A trip to the library. We love storytime and picking out books! Day Fourteen - Meet Santa! Zoey didn't mind...Jessi was not a fan.

Day Fifteen - Watch a Christmas Movie. We watched Elf and had popcorn! Day Sixteen - Decorate cookies. Oh, the apron cuteness.

Day Seventeen - Take cookies to the neighbors. We made little bags and Jessi loved handing them out! Day Eighteen - Go see Christmas lights. She was a huge fan of the lights!

Day Nineteen - Build a fort. Such a fun family activity! We loved it! Day Twenty - Wrap presents. I think we wrapped and unwrapped that one about 5 times.

Day Twenty One - Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas. Zoey was not so interested. Day Twenty Two - Read the Christmas Story. I got her a little story book with pictures and she loved it.

Day Twenty Three - Make cookies for Santa Day Twenty Four - Make a birthday cake for Jesus. Cutest little baker!

Merry Christmas!


a week {in iPhone pics}

Welcome to my week in iPhone pictures!!Want your pics to look awesome like mine?? Download instagram & diptic. Two of my favorite apps! Except, you can’t have my kids…and that’s what really makes my pictures so great.

These are from the past two weeks so you could see all the fun hospital pics!

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