What I've Learned...

I've talked a lot lately about starting over, hard times, and all the difficult struggles we face in life.  We have seen a lot of these over the past year.  Everyday I pray for God to bring my husband and I closer together, and closer to Him.  It's one of those "careful what you pray for" sort of things.  You ask him to stretch you and He'll put people and situations in your life to stretch you.  He has done exactly that for me. Right when He probably knew I couldn't handle anymore, He shows up and blesses me so much! We have been given an awesome new home in a really cool city and I'm about to start a great new job.  I am so grateful for all we've gone through to get to this point where my faith is bigger than ever.  And the hubby and I are closer than ever.

Can't beat that.

What have I learned? To not doubt.  And to know that He will never leave me.

What else do we need?? That's pretty much it.


Our 'Road to Damascus'

So we leave for California in 6 days! WOW! We have been packing up the house and fulfilling the demands of our buyer.  Lots to do but it's going quickly so that's a relief! We are so excited to have our families come visit us this weekend and celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  It's still a little crazy thinking how a week from today we'll be in California! We have a complete peace about this move, and although I know it is what God has for us, its still hard to walk into something with blind faith.  I was reading in Acts 22, the story of where God blinded Saul.  Saul asked what he was to do, and God told him to "Go and once he was there He would tell him what He had for him." It was not the path that Saul had planned for himself, but what God had for him was better.

mattole-road1I feel like God is telling us to go, and will reveal it to us when we are there.  Whether that is a great job, or just a fresh start.  Maybe it will be a great experience for us, and a great time for our marriage.  It might be more hard times, and only another step in the road that we are supposed to take.  Whatever it may be though, I'm excited and grateful for the blessings He's given us to allow us this opportunity.

Please keep praying for us that all goes smoothly in the next few days as we continue to pack and prepare to leave!!

Risk Takers

This guy wrote a blog that got my brain working.  Scary huh? I want to be a risk taker.  Brook and I are really in that place right now.  We want to take a risk and try something new and exciting.  God has continued to close doors in our lives.  When do the doors stop closing, and some start opening? At least a window or something?? It's getting awful stuffy in here.

I trust that He has something for us.  I believe with everything in me it's going to be something great.  And I feel deep in my soul that it's not going to be simple.  That's the hard part.  It's going to take a risk or two, and possibly a big step of faith.  That excites me.

We're in the midst of a big risk, and I feel moving toward an even bigger one.  Can't wait to let you know exactly what that will be!

Learning to TRUST

When we're faced with difficult times everyone always says "Just trust God".  Ummmm OK! helpful. But call me crazy...sometimes I need a little more than that! In the particular season Brook and I are in, it's really teaching me what that means. As I think back on my short, amazingly blessed life I find it hard to think of many times where I've really had to TRUST with pure, blind faith.  Sure there were those times I thought everything was crashing down around me because The Gap didn't have my size in that certian shirt I HAD to have.

Now I am understanding real trust and real faith.

Do I enjoy it? Ummm not so much.  But I wouldn't trade it.

Would I like to know where we are going to end up and when? You bet! But I'd rather it be in His perfect timing.

Do I get scared and worried? You better believe it. Every single day!

But there is joy in the morning.  There is the sweetest man I've ever known taking care of me every single day.  And we trust in a God who won't leave us and has BIG plans for us.

"Desperate, I throw myself on you; you are my God! Hour by hour, I place my days in your hands." Psalm 31:14-15a


Hope.  It's not just a word that's on some painting at Hobby Lobby. Or some random city somewhere apparently.   Nope.  

It's a real live thing.  

Brook and I have been through a lot in the past year-ish and one of the things that constantly gets me through is HOPE.    

Hope in the future. 

Hope knowing that my God will never leave me.

The faith to keep on keepin' on.

I love how God works that way.  Every time I feel I'm at the end of the road, He gives me something to keep me holding on.  I KNOW he has an amazing plan, it's just the waiting for it that's difficult sometimes.  

I'm so thankful for the little glimpses of hope He gives me everyday.  I especially like the big glimpses:) 

Good stuff.  

How does He give you HOPE?