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I'm thrilled you are joining us this month as we discuss "Balancing It All". I'm excited to have my sweet friend Sarah co-hosting with me! I just adore her and her openness as she is mommy to two precious boys. Link up your posts from January 29 - February 1! Can't wait to hear what you have to say on this topic and learn some new things from each of you!!



This is a tough subject for me. I'm an extremely organized, right brained, OCD on the edge of clinically insane type of person. But when its comes to motherhood, I'm different. I'm layed back. I'm relaxed. I'm flexible. All of those things came as a COMPLETE shock to me when I had my first baby just 3 years ago. My personality would scream that I would follow the "rules" of parenting. But I didn't. 

I became a flexible mom with each of my kids, following their lead for what they needed. That's the best mom I could be for my kids, and I have found that it works beautifully. I can't follow a parenting mold for all of my kids, because they are so very different. I realize it helps me balance our home better by being flexible with organization around the edges. This is just what works for me.

But I still have to have a massive amount of organization to balance it all. Here's a few of the ways I balance our lives.


Organization for our overall schedule. I have a monthly calendar that hangs on the fridge. I put our appts and important dates on it, as well as hubby's work schedule. I also have a planner that I use for my little stuff. I schedule out what I'm going to get done for the week, do a meal plan, plan out what I will clean, etc.

Organization of the stuff. We have 2 (almost 3) girls. That's a lot of stuff. A lot of clothes. A lot of shoes. I have to stay on top of keeping it all in order or our house becomes a diaster area. Believe me, it gets to that point at times, I'm only human. But I like having specific places for things to go. Then my girls know where to put stuff, and they can help me!

Flexibility with everyday life. Since I'm a stay at home mom, and we spend a majority of our time at home...I'm flexible. We don't have a set schedule, but we do have some structure. I don't mind bending the rules and spending an entire day in our pjs watching Veggie Tales. That's just life. We have picnic lunches in the living room. We don't do the dishes for a week. And most importantly? We have fun. Fun is my number one priority!

Choose one task to tackle everyday. Don't try to do it all each day. It's not possible. I choose one thing every day and focus on that. Some days it is the dishes, sometimes the laundry or sweeping the floor. Some days the only thing I choose to focus on are my kids!

Scheduling specific mommy & daddy time. The most important thing for me, is quality time with my hubby. We have "non-negotiable date night" once a week (we've been bad about it lately, but we still do our best! It's not easy with kids, and we never pay a baby sitter (thanks mom and dad!) but we make it happen. We try to go out once a month, and then have weekly date nights at home. Typically we do Sunday night, and make dinner together (aka: grill steaks) after the kids go to bed. Then we play games, talk or watch a movie. This week date night consisted of me laying on the couch while he cooked, and then me going to bed at 10. 9 month pregnant me isn't much fun to date ;)

Ok, let's sum up. I balance it all in 3 simple ways: Organization, flexibility and lots of grace. 

Always remember mamas, you can't do it all. Give yourself grace, grace and more grace.

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