how annie & isabel made my day

It was a joy to wear my Annie & Isabel gown for the birth of my second daughter. I felt beautiful, and that's saying a lot for a mama giving birth! Everyone who came to my room loved my gown and I got so many comments and compliments from the nursing staff on how functional and stylish it was. And they were right!

I loved that I could still get up and walk around and be completely covered. The gown was thick enough to be comfortable in, and with the ribbon ties and snaps in the back I could be covered to get up and around. It was also easy for frequent feedings, and perfect for the nurses to do everything they needed to do.

I think next time, I'll get a different gown for every day I'm in the hospital! I now tell all moms that they shouldn't even think about going to the hospital without their Annie & Isabel gown!

A huge thank you to the amazing ladies behind Annie & Isabel who made my day extra special!


introducing: september sponsor awesomeness

I'm so excited to introduce our September sponsors, who are a part of our BIRTH DAY bash for Little Sister!! Did I mention I'm having a baby tomorrow???? These lovely people will showcase some of their precious work over the next few days as I show off the birth of my sweet baby girl. Meet them, follow them & get to know them in preparation for completely falling in love with their work when you see their cuteness next to a squishy newborn!


Annie & Isabel - The stylish alternative to a hospital gown

I'm thrilled and honored to be wearing an Annie & Isabel gown for the birth of my baby. Because, let's be gowns are just gross. No one feels pretty in those and when there are a bazillion pictures being taken of you - mama deserves to feel pretty!! No woman should go to the hospital without their Annie & Isabel gown!! And this company? Some of the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. The owners Anna & Selena have emailed me to just check in and let me know they are thinking of me. They are precious women, nurses & moms who really care.  That means the world to me. They are just downright incredible.

Annie & Isabel siteTwitter - Facebook


Happy Baby Designs - Handmade gifts for your happy baby

I was thrilled to meet Rebecca and went crazy over her precious shop! She is a mom of 2 little ones, and still finds time to create beautiful things for other mommies! Now that's impressive :) Burp Cloths, Blankies and Binky Bags, Car Playmats, Toddler Aprons. Basically, she does it all! I love our new binky bag that attaches to the crib so you always have a pacifier on hand for those middle of the night times where baby really needs one! Rebecca understands that a Happy Baby means a Happy Mommy!

Etsy Shop - Twitter - Facebook


Sew Chatty - for home, baby and just for FUN

Elizabeth is basically awesome. Not only is she my "Bones" buddy (we've been watching all summer "together" through twitter, we are super cool), but she has a GORGEOUS shop of handmade goodness. I love that she makes a wide variety of things, to make mama pretty, baby adorable and more! Can't beat that! Just wait until you see the AMAZING gift set she created for my itty bitty's a MUST have for all new babes!

Etsy Shop - Blog - Twitter - Facebook


Jaxon Jill Designs - custom designs for babies, kids & adults

Kristina is one of the most precious people you will ever meet. I'm not even kidding. She has two beautiful babies, and her family is just wonderful. And on top of it? She is brilliant behind a sewing machine. You've got to go browse through her shop at all the goodies!! When she was creating some matching shirts for my girls, she sent me fabric samples IN THE MAIL, because she said pictures didn't do justice. Talk about customer service people!!!! She's just amazing and it's a joy working with her.

Etsy Shop - Twitter - Facebook


aPearantly sew - simply handmade

I met Alison on twitter many moons ago and we quickly became blogging & twitter pals. She's just precious. Mom to two boys, she helps me see what life is like with a lot more dirt :) She's just a fantastic friend, and such a sweet person. Her shop is amazing too, of course! Filled with goodies for moms, as well as some super cute decorative things! She makes the practical more beautiful and fun!

Shop - Twitter - Blog


Moxie Mandie - unique, one-of-a-kind accessories and home fashions

Mandie makes bright, colorful & beautiful handmade products. She's a fabric lover, and always sharing new and fresh things she finds. As a not so crafty person that wishes I were....Mandie is a great friend to have! And when she started making things for babies, I fell even more in love with her!! I carry one of her clutches every day in my diaper bag for all of my stuff. Her creations are just downright amazing!!

Shop - Blog - Twitter - Facebook


Polkadot Posies - all hairbows $3 and less!

You guys have probably heard me go on and on about Polka Dot Posies, one of my absolute favorite places to get bows! April is just brilliant. All of her items are $3 and less. I’m not even kidding! And the best part, they are REALLY great quality. We have a ton of her bows, and I'm thrilled to have a new little girl to put bows on! The bigger the bow, the better the mama. I truly believe it!

Shop - Blog - Twitter


Thanks for checking out each of these incredible businesses! It's a joy and an honor to work with them, and I can't wait to show off the goodies they have sent for the birth of our sweet baby girl!

See you tomorrow....for BABY DAY!

unexpected costs of pregnancy

You know those books you can buy about pregnancy? The "what to expect when you're expecting" junk? Well, those books never go into the good details. They don't tell you what to REALLY expect. For example, there are costs of pregnancy they don't tell you about. That's why I'm here. To give you the Top 10 Unexpected Costs of Pregnancy. Buckle your seat belts kids, these are good.

10. Ice Cream - Really? Does this one need an explanation?

9. Toothpaste - Most normal women throw up a lot. You will at least have clean teeth, because after all that puking, you brush about 70 times a day.

8. Tums - Oh, the tums. I bought the massive box of like 600 and it's lasted about a month. Between heartburn and stomach aches, those things are lifesavers.

7. Water Bill - Long showers are one of the only things that relax and calm my body. I could stand there for hours (if hubby would let me). Oh, and don't get me started on how often you have to flush the toilet!

6. Oreos - In one sitting I can eat almost an entire package. And they really do make you feel better.

5. Fast food  - Seriously? The cravings. You will make dinner, and plan to eat healthy and it just look nasty. Off to Taco Bell is it for the biggest, most disgusting fake meat burrito of all time.

4. Sunglasses - Along with your lose everything. You misplace everything. You forget where everything is. And, then you sit on them because you can't see down "there".

3. Fans - I have 3 on me at night. THREE. And I still sweat every night.

2. Fingernail Clippers - Prenatal vitamins make your hair and nails crazy strong. I am proud to say I actually snapped a pair of fingernail clippers in half because my nails are so stinking strong. Impressive, eh?

1. Toilet Paper - You pee A LOT. A whole, whole lot. In the last trimester, I find myself changing to a new role every few days. That's just a stupid amount of toilet paper.

 Good luck & have fun! Growing a baby is the BEST!

What were some unexpected costs for you?