she was due. oh-so-due.

March 12, 2010 was my due date with Jessi Girl. A date that for 9 months I counted down the days, hours and minutes to. But like all first time moms, I made the mistake of getting that date stuck in my mind. So in 13 days we will celebrate Jessi's 2nd birthday :)

I hated being pregnant with that girl. She was just as stubborn in my belly as she is now. I threw up until 32 weeks pregnant with her, and it was basically zero fun. I was also working 50-60 hours most weeks, so that likely had a lot to do with it.I gained 50lbs, that I'm still trying to lose and regretting those delicious sausage biscuits from McDonalds. Yum.

We were living in Huntington Beach, CA, and our whole family came out to stay with us while waiting for the arrival of our firstborn. With her refusing to come, everyone came...and went. Thankfully my parents and hub's mom were able to extend their trips so we had a little family in town. It was a fun weeks hanging with the fam, but I felt like everyone was staring at me the entire time wondering what was taking so stinking long!

It's crazy how it's already been 2 years since I was so pregnant with our sweet Jessi. Really looking forward to celebrating this month with her!!!

friday belly more!

We have had a wonderfully exhausting first week.  Jessi is a blast! She's a very alert baby and very smart.  She hasn't quite figured out her days and nights and spends most of the night awake. It is actually 2:00am and I'm writing this one handed as I snuggle her. I may be tired but I know this precious time will fly by so I am cherishing every moment. It's been fun sharing my growing belly with you weekly, but I'm so thankful that has come to an end!! Goodbye belly...Hello Jessi!!

No more friday belly shots for me!

top 10 things to not say to a pregnant woman

10. You look like you're ready to pop! Then you better stand back in case I pop next to you!

9. Are you sure you should be eating that? I'll eat what I want! And I'll like it!

8. How do you feel?? about I punch you in the face and you tell me how you feel?

7. Are you EVER going to have that kid? I will have this kid when I'm good & ready!!!

6. Any day now huh? So tempting to say "Nope...due in 2 months"

5. I know how you feel, I had kidney stones once. Then proceed to kick the man and walk away.

4. You look SO tired. Yes, thank you. I am tired. I'm growing a life inside of me.

3. You have that "past due" look on your face. So I look that bad huh?

2.'s MY labor story... As if anyone has EVER had it worse than me!

1. Wow. You have NO idea.

joining an elite group

Today I join an elite group of women.  Strong women. Super women. I am 10 days past my due date.

There are only so many women who have made it this far and understand the agony, pain and discomfort I feel today.  There's something about reaching your due date, and passing your due date when it all gets harder.  The hormones kick into overdrive. Everything continues to grow and stretch.

And you are stilllllllll waiting for your baby to arrive.

So to all you women who made it 10+ days, I salute you.  You are strong and can make it through anything.  A word of encouragement to my mommy-to-be friends, keep your head up.  If it happens early, be thankful.  If not, just know that God is in control and knows you are a super woman and can take it.

Only three more days until we give up on labor and they go in and get her!!!!!!!