her first haircut

I'm a bit sentimental, so when it came to finally cutting my 3.5 year old's hair, it was hard for me. I had waited so long, and her hair was pretty stringy and just needed a trim so badly. So, I gave in and scheduled her an appointment. She's always a little timid about new things, so I was worried it would be a disaster, but it went surprisingly well! We had a great girls outing and she was begging for days to go back and get another haircut!

Tips for a successful first haircut:

Build it up I talked about it with her the day before and all day before we went. I explained it over and over and got her really excited about it. And make sure they know it's NOT the doctor's office for shots!!

Make it a fun, special outing I took her to Starbucks and made it into a "girls day"! She loved the focused attention and getting to do something out of the ordinary!

Come armed with a treat for your stylist Just in case it IS a disaster, the only taste in your stylists mouth will be the carmel machiato you brought and hopefully they will forget about the screaming 2 year old in their chair!

Schedule you a trim too I knew she would be more likely to get in the chair, if she saw me do it first. I was in major need of a bang trimming, so I went first. She sat in the chair next to me and watched them cut my bangs. This was she could see that it didn't hurt, it wasn't scary and how much fun mommy had!

Take pictures & keep a lock of hair. This is one of those special "firsts" you won't want to forget! Jessi has super straight hair like me, but she did get a bit of curl from daddy also. We chopped off those first baby curls, so I wasn't ready to part with it! On the day of her high school graduation and I'm sobbing through her baby book, I'll have that special lock of hair to remember!

hair4hair6 hair2



oh happy {mon}day

Happy Monday sweet friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can't thank you guys enough for the outpouring of love and encouragement you showed me after I was so vulnerable last week. It's been your kind words, the incredible encouragement of so many friends and family and my husbands patience that has gotten me through this last week. Oh, and grace. Lots and lots of grace. Some exciting news today!

Over at The Influence Network blog, they are announcing the workshops that will be offered at the conference. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to lead a workshop on the balancing act of being a mom & blogger. I'm excited to share my heart on blogging and how as a mom you have such a voice and an opportunity to share Jesus with your circles of influence. We will touch on some practical things like protecting your family, and balancing every day life while maintaing a blog. I hope and pray this will mostly be an encouraging time to meet with other moms and know that we are all in this journey together.

Head over and check out all of the workshops! They are going to be incredible!

How about some fun pictures to brighten your Monday?? This spring Jessi has been playing soccer. It's her first organized activity to do, and it's so stinking adorable. She's not really into actually playing, but she still thinks it's super cool and it's fun to watch her run around with her little friends. We were able to get her and her BFF Mia on the same team so they have fun together. Enjoy!




jessi's third birthday

I'm always a bit of a birthday over-doer. As a planner, it's kinda hard not to be. I love planning and throwing parties for my kids, but it's getting more difficult as we seem to keep having babies every other month. We made the decision to have big 1st & 2nd parties, and then start doing big parties only on their even years (4,6,8,etc.). Since we were going to have a 4 week old on her birthday, I knew I wouldn't have the energy to put into her party like I always do. But a few days before her birthday I started feeling super guilty. How could I not do something special for my baby?? My firstborn?? So I gave in and put together a simple spur of the moment party for her.

Donut shop birthday party idea was born. Ok, this was genius I have to admit. I called ahead and reserved plenty of sprinkle donuts (her fav) and we got there a few minutes early to throw a table cloth and some fake flowers on the table.

She loved it!! Getting to eat donuts with her friends made her 3rd birthday so special!!

I still can't believe I have a three year old!

birthday5  birthday6







This is her last minute invitation I put together! I made it iPhone size so I could just text it out to everyone! Sorry anyone who doesn't have an iPhone, but you're working with an apple family, so deal with it :)

We'll go ahead file this under my recent brilliant ideas. Happy Birthday Jessi Girl!


she is three.

Today my baby is three. The girl that made me a mama. The one that stubbornly wouldn't come into the world on her own and made me wait 42 weeks. The one that fell in love with her daddy from day one. The same girl that looks just like me and her personality is so crazy familiar to my own.

We butt heads and have a blast together. We will fight our way through the teen years and then she will become my best friend all over again. I pray every day that God uses her type A personality for good, because boy oh boy He's got a big plan for her little life.

She fills our home with laughter and joy. Her sweet giggles are so contagious.


It's kind of a crazy thing becoming a mom for the first time. You go through an insane journey of pregnancy (and in my case with her, 32 weeks of puking). Then all of the sudden, the doctors hand you this tiny baby (or in her case a 10lb toddler baby). You are responsible for this life, for this person. For making sure all their fingers and toes stay intact so they don't hate you someday. And then out of nowehere, that tiny baby turns into a person.

A walking, talking, decision making person.

It's a horrifyingly wonderful experience, is it not?

jessnewborn{five weeks}

jessione{age one}

jessitwo{age two}

jess-three{age three}

Today my "baby" turns into a little lady. I have 15 more years of her at home to pour into her life and point her to Jesus. I will do the best I can every day to be the best mama for her, and I'm so thankful for the insanely wonderful job I have of doing so.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I love you with all of my heart, and am so thankful for the blessing you are!

how did that happen?

How did three years fly by THAT fast? This time in 2010, I was hugely pregnant with my first baby. I was totally unsure of what was ahead for us, and clueless about how my world was about to be completely rocked. The last 3 years have been incredible. Life changing. Extremely difficult. Rewarding. Wonderful.

I've been a little emotional this week over my first born. The sweet baby that made me a mommy. She is growing up so fast, and blowing my mind with how brilliant, beautiful and joyful she is.

jan 2013

I snapped this picture a few days ago, and it hit me. She's about to turn 3. THREE. Poor girl is outgrowing all of her clothes. She's growing like crazy right now. I'm starting to pack up her 2T clothes and moving her into "big girl" clothes. What is it about 3T that just sounds SO big? But it's not just her tiny body that is exploding, her mind is amazing to me. She's so crazy smart. So big. So wonderful.

We registered her for spring soccer. That's stuff that big kids do. She's not our baby anymore. It's amazing how differently I go into the last few weeks of this pregnancy, actually knowing what is ahead. I know now what to expect.

I know how fast it will fly by. I know the incredible impact this tiny baby in my belly will have on my life. I'm crazy excited.