influence tickets are on sale!

bloginfluence Influence Conference tickets are on sale today!!! If you haven't heard of the Influence Conference, you can go here to read some of my past posts. This will be my 3rd year being a community leader and I'm a part of the Influence Events Team as well. So, needless to say, I have a LOT of heart and energy that goes into this community! It's made a huge difference in my online life and how I make much of Jesus in what I do online!

Thinking of attending a blogging conference this year? I would be honored if you would consider joining me at Influence! This is an incredible group of women gathering love encourage, bless and love on one another. Jesus is the center of our stories and what ties us all together. This is a conference you won't want to miss!

Three reasons you should you buy your ticket this week:   1) Influence Network Members get 10% off this week! 2) There are daily giveaways on the Influence Blog for people who buy their tickets this week! (yes, even an iPad mini...) 3) Because I said so.


Have questions? Leave a comment or feel free to email me!

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the time that #influenceconf wrecked me

Things came full circle for me this year. Last year at Influence I was in a tough place. I was pregnant, my heart was wounded and I was struggling to find my "place". I prayed constantly that God would show me a bit of His plan for me, and would place me right where I belonged. He gave me two words that I began to focus on at the start of 2013. Thrive and intentional. 

Two words that have rocked me to the core. I set out in what I knew might be one of my most exhausting years of motherhood with 3 under 3, and made it a goal to thrive. To not just survive and attempt to get through every day. But really adore and cherish this season in my life. But also, I knew I couldn't do this season alone. So I begged for community. He told me "be intentional".

So I was. Wow, did that ever pay off.

Last year at Influence I walked in and side hugged some people I chatted with on twitter.  This year, I ugly cried in a full embrace with my best friends in the world. 

God showed me that when we are intentional about our lives and loving others, He will bless us to no end. Those two little words He gave me, have changed the course of my life. Thrive is now a ministry for moms that I get to pour my heart and soul into. I have more people around me now than ever before because I became intentional about relationships.

Honestly, I could have had a super tough weekend. As I was at the airport, I got a call from my husband that we were not getting a new job that we had our hearts invested in. We were hoping this was finally a door opening for us after a tough few years, but it felt as if it was slammed again in our faces. I could have been angry, thrown things and allowed my heart to harden. Instead? I have peace knowing God will take care of us and we are exactly where we need to be.

Jess Thompson said something in her session that stuck with me: "Everything you have right now is everything that you need". 

I walked away from hearing every speaker wiping tears and smeared mascara. God is moving and shaking up the internet for His glory and it's an HONOR to be a part of that!!

I'm still processing everything I walked away with, and it will be a while before it fully sinks in. God is calling me to step up a bit more for my family. I have some big projects I'm taking on (hint, hint: I'm doing a lot more writing...). I'm so thrilled about the encouragement, affirmation and straight up love I received this past weekend.

#Influenceconf: you complete me.

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A few of my people. This doesn't even scrape the surface of the people that impacted me in a huge way this week! (from left to right, top to bottom)

Jessi | Moriah | Kate | Carrie Nathalie | Natalie | Diana | Julie

being a woman of influence

I'm sitting here this morning in Indianapolis with a very full heart. This past year has been full. Full of joys, full of defeat, full of ups, full of downs. Right now, I'm in a personal place of confusion but excitement. The Lord is showing me some exciting things he has in store for me while closing doors at the same time.  In that season of learning to fully trust and rely on what he has for me. That's the place where I can flourish or crumble. I choose to flourish.  I choose obedience to Him in a place where I want to throw things and at like a two year old.

I can't wait to share everything The Lord is putting on my heart and where he is taking my passions. It's a joy to be at The Influence Conference and surrounded by like-minded women who I can dream and grow with. Excited for what is ahead for this weekend and what God is going to do through these women to make an impact online!

Follow along with the conference with the hashtag #influenceconf on twitter and Instagram.


preparing: hearts, minds & circus-like lives

With Influence around the corner in just a week (AH!), I have a lot of prep to do. It's an honor to be a community leader again this year, leading a workshop and be coordinating the volunteers. Thrive is also helping out and we are doing all of the name tags, so I've been pouring over the list of attendees and designing & printing name tags for everyone! So, yeah. Lots of good stuff going on! And not to mention attempting to not ignore the tiny humans in my house and prepare my home for 5 days away. That's the scariest part of all!! As I began thinking about my time away, I started thinking about all of the mamas (there are LOTS) that will be attending the conference as well. Some maybe leaving their babies for the first time. It can be a VERY stressful and overwhelming time. It can even hurt your time away if you become too wrapped up in the details at home.

I've compiled a list of things that help keep my mind and heart calm as I take some time away from my family!


LEAVE A SCHEDULE: If your husband works full time out of the home, he may not be familiar with your day in and day out routine. This will not only calm your nerves, but help him out. Write down some important things he may not know that you do every day. BUT, remember, he is your partner not another one of your children. He is perfectly capable of hanging with the kids for a few days by himself. Be as helpful as he needs to make his life easier!

LET SOME STUFF GO: Give them some breathing room. Time with daddy should be FUN time! Most likely, daddy time looks a bit different than mommy time. And that's how it should be!!! As long as they are fed and happy...who cares?! They will love Daddy time!

LAY OUT CLOTHES: I have THREE babies. This is kinda key for my kids being dressed. Which, most days they aren't dressed with me at home but you get the idea. In case he decides to venture out for a trip to the donut shop, at least they won't be in mismatched clothes or the 3 year old wearing the 6 month old's pants? Yup.

CLEAN & FORGET IT: Leave the house in better shape than you will find it in. Yes, that's right. Unless your husband is one of those Mr. Clean folks (which I find to be like 1 in 50), just know it won't look the same way you left it. AND THAT'S OK! Leave him with clean laundry, an empty sink and a vacuumed floor. When you come home? Look at those smiling faces and thank him for keeping everything (or most things) in one piece! Let him know you want him to have a great time with the kids and you can have a cleaning party when you get back!

PREP SOME MEALS: Even if it's frozen pizza, get a plan for them. This will make life so much easier for everyone if they know they can eat! Have a crock pot meal ready, cook something so there are leftovers in the fridge. Leave out a box of mac & cheese. Just help him to not have to manage chasing kids AND cooking!

conf 2 conf 1

As I prepare for an amazing 5 days away, I'm not only preparing my circus home, I'm preparing my heart & mind. I'm opening myself up to be rocked. To be open to what God has for me. What I love about Influence is that this isn't just your typical blogging conference. It's not just about SEO and social media. It's about life-giving, real connections. It's about using our online space to further the Kingdom. It's about more. While we all love (and need) a good SEO chat every now and then, we get the best of BOTH worlds.

We are inspired through our callings to make more of our online lives. That's pretty amazing if you ask me!!

The moral of the story? In the madness of preparing to be away: don't forget to prepare your hearts for what God will do.

influence conference: a link up

In a couple of weeks I'm headed to The Influence Conference. I'm beyond excited about this conference. The Influence Network holds a VERY special place in my heart and so much of what I do online has come from the leadership, friendships and encouragement that come from there. It's an honor for me to be a community leader at the conference and I will also be leading a workshop for moms! What a joy that God has brought my passion for moms and joy for blogging together!

I'm linking up today to get to know some of the women attending a bit better! If you are attending, please say hi! I can't wait to get to know you!


2 things I will be sure to have packed in my bag: 

Clothes I rarely get to wear because I don't like them to get drooled on, spilled on. Mommy away time!!!


Junk food. Because I've been eating so healthy and I need a break for a few days ;)

2 things I'm looking forward to: 

Spending quality time with my precious friends. My sisters who I don't get to do every day life with. I look forward to those heart to heart chats in the hall of the hotel, the laughs over a cup of coffee, the hugs as we learn and grow together.


Seeing what God does through the conference, because He has a BIG plan. Last year my heart was opened to God's plan for me. I focused my blog and my heart on His plan. Out of that Thrive Moms was born. I'm so excited to spend time with a couple of our Thrive team members.

What I look like so you can recognize me when I squeeze you:

kkI will be leaving that adorable accessory at home for some bonding time with her daddy and two big sisters. YAY! Open arms to love on you guys!