How do you say thank you?

I have a stack of blank thank you notes that have been sitting on my desk for about 6 weeks. While I could use the “I have four kids and I’m too exhausted to write” excuse, it’s simply not that. Yes, exhaustion is flowing in our house, but so is gratitude. It comes down to the fact that I cannot find the words to say. A cute thank you note from Target with some scribbled words inside just doesn’t cut it. I’m struggling to actually put into words what my heart is feeling in this season. 

When we started our adoption journey with about $1800 saved up, the looming costs staring us in the face - we knew all we could do was trust that God would do His thing. We did three Instagram auctions, t-shirt and greeting card sales, and made personalized pillow cases. We thought outside the box with fundraising ideas. Some worked great, some crashed and burned. We applied for every grant we were eligible for. It was not easy, and we hit rock bottom a few times questioning if we were even doing the right thing. Nothing in my life has stretched me more in my faith than adoption.You have zero control and have to learn that God is completely in control. 

I wish I could hug each and every person that made our adoption happen. The amount of people that made it possible is endless. Watching people so selflessly donate and sacrifice for our family blows my mind. I can’t stop thanking God for what He did. I can’t stop reading this list of names that made it happen. It really does take a village, and we are so grateful. 

The names you see below are just the LAST names of hundreds of families who made donations or purchased a fundraising item. (This doesn't even include the hundreds of businesses who donated products for our online auctions! Thank you to each of you too!!) 

Doesn't that list bring tears to your eyes? It sure does mine. For those of you that donated, prayed, encouraged or simply commented on a social media post. We are so thankful. We saw each and every donation. We read each and every comment. We felt every single prayer. We will never be the same and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for letting God use you in our story.