A baby boy nursery

It’s been so fun to put together a baby BOY nursery! It feels a little weird putting together a nursery because we feel like we are “out” of the baby stage with all our kids potty trained and being “big kids”. As much as I’m not looking forward to the exhaustion and sleepless nights, I’m so excited to have a tiny one in the house again. And don’t even get me started on how excited the girls are. That sweet boy is going to have four mamas! 

A little update on Kendrick! He’s about 35-36 weeks along and birth mom is doing really well. She’s happy and settled in at home awaiting his arrival. We are so thankful! Doctor’s appointments have been going well and we are praying for a smooth (and maybe a little early!) delivery. It’s so hard with adoption during this waiting time because you go back and forth between decorating nurseries and feeling so excited to wanting to hunker down in a corner and not breathe until it’s all over. Such a roller coaster of emotions! 

Enjoy this little nursery sneak peek for our little dude! 

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