Kingdom Over Following (Because Jesus loves the internet)

I've been on the internet a long time. I fell in love immediately back in 1997 when I first logged on. I started blogging and connecting online before it was even a "thing". From cheesy webpages with bouncing graphics, to chain emails and xanga pages. From Facebook to Myspace and everything in between. I love the internet. 

And I think Jesus loves the internet too. 

What an incredible tool to reach the world. To share the gospel, to make ripples for the kingdom. To teach, grow and learn from people we would never have the opportunity to come in contact with. 

Everywhere we look now, there's a business popping up or the next way to make money online. Now, hear my heart. I don't think theres anything wrong with making money online unless you're selling your children on eBay. But what if we looked at the internet from a new angle? What if we used our gifts to further God's kingdom using this incredible tool instead of being so focused on making money? We've all been given amazing gifts to reach people. For me, I'm gifted with crazy ninja type a skills, and technology is a gifting of mine. I blame that 7th grader who fell in love with the internet and wanted to learn everything about it. 

What is your gifting and how can you use it in a new and fresh way? Can you serve a ministry online? Most of my followers are moms, since that's my passion. Moms don't typically have a ton of free time to serve in the community and really use their gifts. But hey, the internet can change that! It seems like so often we are so focused on our own agenda online rather than looking at the bigger picture. 

What if we spent more time online focused on furthering the KINGDOM rather than furthering our own following? 

Ask God to reveal to  you what your gifting is, and how you can make a difference online. How you can work toward furthering HIS kingdom rather than just your own personal following? I wish I could say I don't struggle with this, but I do. If I lose followers, I worry I did something wrong. I'm super careful about what I say so that I don't offend or step on anyone's toes. But we should be bolding walking out our online lives just like we do our in-real-life lives. I recently shut down my online business so I could focus more on online ministry. I rarely take on sponsored posts or content. It used to be a big source of extra cash, but it just wasn't right for me anymore. That will not be in the cards for everyone, but for us, that was the right step. And how freeing that is. 

I want you to feel the freedom that it's ok to work online without making money. It's ok for the internet to be a source of service and ministry. I believe that God is doing big things through the internet! How can you further the Kingdom?