closing up shop & new changes!

This year has been an exciting year of newness and changes for our family. After starting the adoption process in January, we were pleasantly surprised when God opened doors for a new job for us to get back into full time ministry. It's been a roller coaster ride, but such an incredible one. With all of the changes in our family and our ministry, I've decided to shut down my shop to focus more on the growth of Thrive Moms and my place serving in our church alongside my husband. I'm excited to free up the time by closing down my shop to spend more time with my kids and focusing on the things I love. 

Until we close our doors for good, all greeting cards will be 40% off and t-shirts will be 20% off. We may have some fun pop up sales here and there (think Advent Calendars!!) to help continue to fundraise for our adoption. 

Remember - ALL of the proceeds from our shop help our adoption needs so you're giving back to a great cause when you purchase as well! Enjoy the final shopping and stay tuned for a new look around here soon! 

Thank you so much for all the support!!!