We are moving on!

Life has been a bit crazy over the past month! And it's SO hard to keep a secret on the internet. For the past 4 years, we've been a little bit in limbo. We left a church we worked for in California to move back to Oklahoma and be closer to family. We thought we might be in a transition period for a few months while we found a new job and settled down. Well, that never happened. Brook took a job just to pay the bills, which turned into a fabulous job for over 3 years for him. But it's still felt like limbo. (I don't do well with limbo, so my sanity has been a bit on the edge for the last few years!) 

We've looked at a few different churches over the years, interviewed at some and nothing was the right fit for us. We started our adoption process in January expecting to not be moving back into full time ministry for a while, and then the perfect place fell in our laps. We went and interviewed at a church a couple weeks ago and we just loved it, and they offered us a great position. Brook will be using his amazing gifts once again leading worship and overseeing the creative arts ministry. We are absolutely thrilled for this new stage in our lives and where God is leading us. 

The only downside?? It's in Texas! (I kid, I kid.) We are Okies at heart, but we are excited to be moving to Texas to start fresh. We are in the process of buying a house, and will be moving around the end of May! 

Look out Texas, here we come!