What's In Your Bag? || A giveaway from Lily Jade

I've been around the mommy block a time or two. I can give you a million tips and advice about baby gear and my favorite things (and even my least favorite things!) but this diaper bag is easily one of my all time favorites. When I went searching for a new bag a few months ago, I figured I would get another bag that would get the job done. With lots of little ones, there aren't many things I have that are mine. I don't get many nice things for myself. Then I got my Lily Jade bag. In a home where I'm surrounded by princesses all day, I finally felt like a princess with my Lily Jade in hand! 

A question I get a lot from friends and readers is "how do you pack a diaper bag for a lot of littles?". We have gone through stages of needing multiple sizes of diapers (even a stage where we needed 3 sizes!), a million bottles and every baby product you can dream of. We are in an "easier" stage when it comes to diaper bag packing, so it's simpler now. I thought I would record a little video to show you my bag and some of the things I pack for everyday use! 

Link up for a chance to WIN a Lily Jade Bag!!!! 

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Contestants do NOT have to have a Lily Jade to enter. Contest runs from February 5th-February 12th. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced February 13th at instagram.com/lilyjadeco