new year, trusting and crawling out of holes

I took an unintentional break from the blog for the past couple of months. I miss blogging, like really miss it. The way blogging used to be. Where I would get up every day excited to read what my friends in the inter webs were doing. Before the days of Pinterest, viral blog posts and well, PRESSURE. Oh, the pressure. It's been painful to sit and actually attempt to write a blog post with the whisper of "what's the point" in my ear. I've thought seriously about just being done with blogging since I have so many other outlets for writing and creativity, but I miss sharing the personal and everyday parts of life and my heart. So, here I am giving it another shot. 

Let's be honest, 2014 was a hard year. I have a lot of wounds from last year, which I think was what brought on my lack of blogging too. When there's a lot of hurt and personal things happening, it's difficult to be open. I had found myself in a place I was willing to be open and vulnerable and then boom, the plague of 2014 hit and it was not very fun. I crawled into a bit of a hole. I found that if you don't open yourself up, you can't be hurt. But then also realized that's not way to live life. Life should be about community, even when it's painful community. 


So, here I am. Attempting a second chance at vulnerable openness. Because I'm sure out there is someone feeling the way I am. Maybe you're still hunkered down in a hole, not wanting to be a real human being. Hiding behind netflix, chocolate in the pantry and pretending like your schedule is just too busy to have time to be real. I'm not a resolution type of person, but I do love the newness of anything new. 2015 is shaping up to be a fabulously exciting year for our family, and I'm just over the moon for what's coming this year. I chose my word for 2015 is to be "TRUST". Something I always need to do more of, especially in this year and some exciting things we are walking into. I have chosen to trust that God's plan is better than mine. Even for the controlling type A person I have a tendency to be. 

Here's to a year of newness, of raw vulnerability and crawling out of holes. Join me in trusting?