reclaiming myself

I had three babies in less than three years, and it's really no secret the amount of oreos and ice cream I devoured in those three years. I wasn't exactly a case study for healthy pregnancies, but I did the best I could do get from point A to point B. I've never been a big fan of exercise, so I did some walking while pregnant but that was about the extent of my workouts. I spend 90% of my days chasing toddlers around and I considered that to be pretty top notch. 

This summer, I realized I needed to make a change. My youngest was nearly 18 months old and I wasn't planning to get pregnant again any time soon. I hated the way I looked and felt. I was getting to the point that I couldn't stand to even see pictures of myself because I was so unhappy with my appearance. I hid behind my kiddos in pictures and dreaded getting dressed everyday because, yuck. I just felt truly unhealthy. 

It was time to reclaim myself, find the beauty within and start loving myself again. 


My tips for reclaiming yourself: 

1 - Find something that works for you. I decided to do P90X3. The workouts are 30 minutes and intense. As a super busy mom, I don't have a few hours a day to go to the gym but being able to do these quick workouts at home was perfect for. It may not work for you, but it sure was great for me! 

2 - Change the way you eat. For me this meant not eating the scraps my kids had left over but actually taking the time to feed myself 3 healthy meals a day with healthy snacks. I've found a new love for healthier meals and how different they make my body feel. Healthy snacks are key for me, because I'm an emotional eater. 

3 - Get the right equipment. I'm talking clothes, shoes and anything that helps your body. After having 3 babies in three years, I have a lot of back, hip and foot pain. Doctor Insole graciously sent me a pair of their insoles to try out and they are amazing! They help a lot with the pain my body feels when I'm working out. I've been a big fan of these insoles

4 - Love the new you! I've found that if I dislike something about myself, then it's time to make a change and figure out how to truly love myself. 

After a year of not loving the way I looked, and 90 intense days with my new lifestyle, I feel great. I still have a long journey ahead of me but I feel like I have kickstarted myself into a healthier lifestyle and am loving myself all over again. I've never been a fan of running (like loathe it), but with my new Doctor Insole I'm honestly considering giving it a shot again. Finding the right products to help my body and what works for me has been a big part of getting back into shape, so I'm super thankful for a product like this! 

So, what are you waiting for?? Is it time to reclaim yourself?