homeschool advice for the crazy busy mom

We are smack in the middle of week four of homeschooling and I thought it was time to give a little update and pass along some pat-on-the-back encouragement I've had to coach myself through. Jessi Girl is basically a rockstar and she begs to do school everyday, which is making our journey super easy. The hardest part for me is my busy schedule. The main question I've gotten is "how do I do it all?", and the answer is..."I DON'T!". I have some key things that help me accomplish the things I do, and help me succeed in those areas. With running two businesses, serving for the Influence Network, homeschooling my daughter and running my home, it's not easy. But we do it because I'm getting to do what I love and pour into my children every day.  


Homeschooling advice for the crazy busy mom 

1. Over-schedule. Organization is key for me. Last week I didn't plan out our week very well and it was a bit of a train wreck. We still managed to get in school and some work, but it wasn't pretty. When I write out exactly what we are going to do each day, productivity goes through the roof! 

2. Take a deep breath. We are doing Pre-K. PRE-K. There's no need to stress about it, or get worked up over how the day goes. Granted you may be doing an older grade and feel the pressure a bit more, but still. Breathe and know that you are doing exactly what God has called you do to. 

3. Life Learning. I've noticed over the last week when I ask Jessi to do something she responds with "Yes, Ma'am". This makes my heart SOAR because it means she is learning. She asks how she can help around the house and steps in when I'm doing housework. I think it's key that our daughters learn skills that they will carry with them in life. I want to teach my daughters how to manage a home. 

4. Get your husband on board. This is a HUGE for me. My husband supports me in my businesses (and helps out soooooo much) and supports our school adventures. He steps in on occasion to do mini lessons with the girls when I have to get some work done. We are a team as a family. We are in this thing together and he helps me so much with sanity, staying focused and keeping my priorities in line. 

5. Give yourself a pat on the back. If you're like me and uber busy, and stretched oh-so-thin, this homeschooling gig is not the easiest. Most days I sit side by side during nap time while she practices writing and I answer 5 bazillion emails. But I"m reminded daily that this is good and holy work. Teaching my daughters, running businesses and creating a home of structure, fun and love. Fist bumps and back pats all around people. 

Whatever your journey looks like, be encouraged. Know you are doing GOOD work just by showing up every day, especially on the days you really don't want to show up. Lord knows I have about 7 of those a week. It's definitely not easy to show up, be excited every day about learning and giving your attention to your kids. Most days I'd rather throw a box of legos at them and snuggle up on the couch with a pumpkin spice latte and the latest episode of Greys. But I've been called to incredible, holy work of raising tiny people and so have you! We can do this!!!!  FIST BUMP!