turning thirty

Today I turn 30. I remember when I was a child, thinking 30 sounded SO old. Or back in college when "13 going on 30" came out and I thought how far away 30 seemed. But somewhere in my late 20's, I realized I had started looking forward to 30 and what it meant. My 30's, that decade I had worked my entire life for. I went to college, I put in my time and now I'm seeing the fruits of my labor. 

A marriage that is built on a foundation of friendship and mutual respect and trust. I met my incredible husband 9 years go and we have been married 6.5 years. I'm so thankful that he is my best friend and that doing life with him is an absolute blast! Something this solid and amazing doesn't happen overnight, and I'm so thankful for the time and energy we have put into building something to last a lifetime. 

The first half of my twenties were full of single fun, wedding planning, newlywed bliss and working long hours planning events. The second half filled with pregnancies and babies. Such different stages and both so amazing for their own reasons. Obviously, the late twenties have been the absolute best and bringing my babies into the world has been the greatest joy of my life. 

20 year old me, young and free and back when I shopped for myself! 

20 year old me, young and free and back when I shopped for myself! 

I look forward to 30 filled with hope, joy and excitement for what is ahead. I have big goals and dreams for my family and for the passions God has put in me. I'm excited to watch my babies grow and watch my family grow. To see how God continues to bless and strength my marriage, my faith and my hope in Him alone.  

Last year on my birthday I made a list of "30 Before Thirty", a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Kinda funny, but I only accomplished about 3 things. One of those things being "help a stranger". If that's the only thing I do in a year, I still feel quite accomplished. So instead of making a big list of things I will most likely never get to, I'm making a goal to just love others fully and always be willing to help. I want to be someone that everyone knows they can count on and lean on. If I can reach that goal, then it will be a very successful 30 in my book! 


Here's to another amazing decade ahead!