the beauty of community

I'm an extrovert. When I feel overwhelmed, overtired and overdone, it's people that fill me back up. Community. It's the way God wired me, but that doesn't mean it always easy for me. When I started blogging many years ago, I didn't understand it truly. I didn't get it the way I do now. I enjoyed writing and it gave me that platform to do something I loved. I got involved on twitter and started realizing there's real community that happens online. I watched people who met from blogging get together for coffee, have Skype parties and really become true friends. 

But I felt alone. I didn't have that. I was ready to pull the plug on the whole blog thing. 

Then I got an email from Jessi & Hayley in 2012 telling me about this plan they had to do this blogging conference. I was about ready to turn off the blog and be done with the internet, but then it clicked. Community was taken to a whole new level for me.  I attended a blogging conference and it all clicked. I had always been all about people, but true community finally made sense to me. 

I crave community, I need it. As a mom, I spend my days being pulled on, beat up on and emotionally drained by 3 tiny humans. I was feeling so lonely spending day after day only talking to miniature people. My poor husband was getting a drained, less than stellar version of me. I began chatting with a girl I had met on twitter named Nathalie. We realized we felt the same way. We were drained, we had nothing to give after giving everything to our children. That's where Thrive was born and where I was reborn. 

The beauty in community is in the rawness of community. It's finding a place to let your guard down and be you so that you can walk away refreshed and renewed. I have found this with in my local community and in my online community. The Influence Network and Thrive Moms gives me a place online to call home. 

It hasn't always been an easy or comfortable ride, but it's a ride that has brought me to a place of beautiful community. I hope you will consider joining us at The Influence Conference to find your place in online community. 

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