turning a changing table into a dress up station

With three little girls in my house, the dress up clothes, tiaras, tutus, jewelry, purses and shoes were overflowing out of every corner. I was having trouble keeping it all organized, and I was tired of picking up dresses and shoes. I knew we had to make a change and find a way to organize all of the pretties. 

I had an old changing table that was sitting there, never being used because I change diapers anywhere but on the actual changing table! I thought it would make the perfect dress up station! 

I took out the middle shelf, spray painted entire thing and added a cheap ($.99 from walmart!) bar to use as the hanging rod. Some buckets contain jewelry and hair stuff, a cute little mirror and bucket for shoes and an extra basket for various tutus and hats. 

They absolutely love choosing their dresses, twirling in the mirror and being encouraged to be girls and love their precious beauty! 

Have fun dressing up!