a summer of vacation

We have taken two vacations over the last month, which has been amazing but also quite the whirlwind at the same time. Vacation, home and a week of re-coup, then a week of sickness, then a week of vaca and now another week of recoup. I haven't had time to blog, think or really do much at all. BUT, we had some great time away! We learned that Jessi is a little fish and Zoey and Kenzi hate the water. That made for some interesting days at the pool and water park! 

First vacation: a trip with the family! 7 little girls and a whole lot of fun! 


Vacation number two: just our little family! It was so fun to take a trip with just the five of us, typically we travel with family or friends. It was great to spend great quality time with the kids and each other. We did fireworks, birthday fun and lots of water fun! I really loved this trip with my favorite people! 


It's been a great month of vacation and fun! Back to reality now though!