make a difference & give a child a forever home

I'm a big advocate for adoption, and hopefully soon you will be hearing a LOT more about adoption from me, but today I want to share someone else's story with you! My dear friend Brittany and her family are in the midst of an exciting adoption to add another little person to their family of 7. With 5 kids, ages 7 and under, they are such an inspiration to me. I'm all for big family and for having kids close together. And one of my favorite things about them, they are doing it WELL. Brittany and Sam are amazing parents and have so much fun with their kids. 

I had the honor of meeting Brittany several years ago through blogging and I just fell in love with her. Her fun personality, her passionate heart - she's my kind of girl. Our girls are the same ages (a couple of them within days of each other!) and a few months ago we were driving through her hometown and had to stop for a visit. It was so fun getting our 8 kids together and enjoying some fun family time. 

It was a no brainer when Brittany told me they were adopting. They have so much love and joy to spread, giving a child a home is exactly what their hearts are all about. BUT they need our help. There's ONE THING holding them back right now. A vehicle to fit their family of 8. Since the kids are all still little, they need a large vehicle. 12 passenger van type vehicle. 

Brittany wrote this scripture in an email to me a few days ago: 

"Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness." Psalm 115:1

They are trusting in the Lord's faithfulness to supply their needs. He has called them to this and we believe God will provide all is needed. 

Can you help? I'm encouraging you to commit to giving $20. That's all.
That's giving up a few lattes or that new shirt at the store.

Brittany has created this giant canvas to show how much they need to raise. Each diamond represents $20. They have already started filling in the diamonds, but they need our help to complete the canvas and complete their story. Read Brittany's blog post here about the diamond canvas. 


Let's help give this child a forever home. 

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