warm&inviting by Libby Langdon (a sponsored post by walmart.com)

The new warm&inviting by Libby Langdon home decor collection from celebrity designer Libby Langdon contains stylish décor solutions that fit your budget. warm&inviting is all about “affordable style” and is currently only available at Walmart.com. If there's anything I can't get enough of, it's cute home decor that doesn't break the bank. 

I often find that I'm really bad about decorating because I don't want to spend the money on it. Home decor is SO expensive, I mean who really wants to spend $74.99 on a pillow only for a tiny human to puke on it? Not me. I have a weak spot for cute pillows, rugs and blankets. They can really transform any room in a matter of seconds and make a huge difference in the overall feel of any space. 

Our master bedroom has a "beach" theme, and these colors are the perfect fit for our room! I recently just stepped outside the box and painted our walls navy and got a white bedspread. I've been putting off adding any more decor but I'm thrilled now to find some price points and style that match me and my wallet! 

What Libby Langdon has to say about her new line with Walmart.com: “I’m so excited to be offering my new warm&inviting collection on Walmart.com! Great colors, patterns and textures all at fantastic price points and wonderful quality in pillows, poufs, rugs and throw blankets!   I was thrilled to be able to work on a collection for Walmart.com and present the styles and looks they were missing that my makeover TV and private design clients repeatedly ask for.  It was also important for me to take some of the guesswork out of the design process for shoppers and show how to use the various accessories together to get a designer look in their own homes... for a lot less!  We all want super values for our homes and to live in rooms that make us feel happy; my warm&inviting collection for Walmart.com does just that!  I cannot wait for people to see my collection...it's another reason Walmart.com is becoming a go-to destination for great design!”

Head over and check out all of the amazing styles Libby Langdon has put together and start dreaming about how you can decorate your home with affordable style! 

This post was sponsored by my friends walmart.com but all of the opinions are my own!