Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia

In a house with three little girls, we watch a LOT of Sofia the First. They wake up every morning and immediately ask for Sofia. Or "FIA! FIA! FIA!" if it's my 20 month old asking. And since we are getting into the Holidays and my kids are already begging to put up the Christmas tree (can't blame them, I want to also!!), I was thrilled to hear about a Holiday Sofia episode! Disney released a new Sofia DVD with the episode "Holiday in Enchancia". The DVD includes the Holiday Episode as well as four additional episodes and a Sofia Ornament. 

In Holiday in Enchancia, King Roland's carriage crashes in the snow and keeps him from getting home for the holidays. Sofia, Queen Miranda, Amber and James go out to find him and get stuck in the snow themselves. With a little help from princess Aurora and some woodland creatures, the royal family is reunited and learns a lesson in giving to others who are more in need than themselves. And they realize the greatest thing about the Holidays - being with the people you love most! 

Your kiddos will love this Sofia the First DVD! Grab it for a special gift before the holidays! I plan on popping this in any time I need to get a little work done or just want to get a breather ;) 

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Thank you to Disney for providing me with the DVD for my review and giveaway. The opinions here are my own and my girls really are oddly obsessed with Princess Sofia :)