why sisterhood always wins

I didn't have sisters and was never very good with girls. I was that girl that always was better friends with boys until I got to college and joined a sorority and got a crash course in what sisterhood and community was all about. I always remember those late nights in the sorority house talking with girls and learning about what it meant to really trust and cherish community. 

Community can hurt. It can hurt really bad. But family? Family is the real deal. (And even family can hurt sometimes too!) But they are the ones that will be by your side forever and you can be yourself without question. So in our house - sisterhood wins. It comes first. That bond is something I will fight for day after day. 

Speaking of fighting - my girls have been fighting and bickering a lot lately. And while yes, it's just straight up frustrating (and ahem, a bit annoying) - it's heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because I cherish sisterhood. Because I know it's not worth it to fight over the petty stuff, and true sisterhood is something you fight for, not against. 

I've watched people come and go from my life over the years. It's never easy to close a door on a relationship you care about, but I'm reminded that a band of sisters is greater than just a friendship that is one way or surface. And those band of sister-friends are the ones that are worth it. That's a life worth living out and a community worth sinking into. I've been learning a lot about community over the past few years and what that really means. The joy that can come from a real community is such a beautiful thing. 

Maybe you're where I am today - mourning the loss of relationships past and thanking God for new sisters. Maybe you feel lost and haven't quite found your sisters. Keep fighting for community - the Lord will bless you greatly. He always does.

He blessed me times three with a band of sisters that I pray daily will fight for each other. Because I will always fight for you too, sweet girls. 

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