barbie sized dreams

Raising three little girls, there are things I will never avoid. The drama, fighting over shoes, insane decibels of screaming and obsessions with all things twirly. It's funny to look back before having kids when you have no idea what is ahead, but the idea of having all girls never seemed like something I would do. Now I can't imagine anything else and I'm so incredibly blessed by these three girls that twirl and giggle their way through our days together. 

When I was a girl, one of my favorite toys were my barbie dolls. I was a pretty girly girl, and I remember spending hours brushing hair, dressing up those tiny dolls and pretending malibu barbie married ken for the 500th time. One of my favorite gifts I got as a girl was a barbie dream house, complete with the hot pink corvette. I still remember that elevator and so many things about that amazing house! 

My oldest daughter is four and a half, and I've been waiting to introduce her to Barbie. Not because of the bad rap Barbie gets, but because I want her to really appreciate and find joy that can come from playing with a toy. It may sound silly, but I believe teaching a child pretend play and especially giving a girl an outlet to be girly is so important! It's sad that Barbie has gotten a bad rap over the years because no one really looks like that, but if we are teaching our daughters that true beauty comes from within and busting through the idols of comparison early - I think we can still teach our daughters to appreciate beauty in all forms! 

I want my daughters to be dreamers. I want them to wish big for themselves. And if that means dreaming about a barbie mansion or long beautiful hair and a wedding to her prince charming someday - then I'm all for that! I will always be there to cheer them on and encourage them to chase their Barbie sized dreams no matter what they look like! 

I'm so excited about the amazing line of Barbies that is carrying! I'll be ordering a few for my girls for Christmas! Hurry over and check them out and stock up for the girls in your life too, and encourage them to dream big and always have fun being a girl! 

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