an outpouring

If you've been on the internet at all this week, you've probably seen the tragic news about Jacqui and Dan from Baby Boy Bakery losing their precious baby boy Ryan. It's just one of those this-can't-be-real type of situations. It has to be a bad dream. No parents should EVER have to face something like this. When we started Thrive a little less than a year ago, this was our goal. To support families in their darkest hour. The hurting moms. The parents who have lost everything. The mom battling with depression and feeling like she can't go on. In the most difficult of times, moms need someone to come in and carry the burdens. To help lift the weight of what they are carrying.

We had a newspaper contact us to interview us about why we chose to bless this family. It made me giddy to tell her that it's not about this family. It's about every hurting parent out there. It's about spreading the name of Jesus to the hurting and the lost.  We do this for the mama who's child has never had a picture posted on social media and we do this for the stories that go viral.

And I hope each one of you would do the same. 

You didn't see Jesus helping the popular people to spread his name. He did his healing in private, in quiet. He even told people not to tell anyone after he healed them. And he told them to not let their left hand see what their right hand was doing when they gave to the needy.


As moms, our hearts are so broken. We can't imagine how something like this could happen. We just fall to our knees and continue to cry out to God until the day we see his face.

We've had an outpouring of donations, prayers and help for this precious family. A huge blessing for sure. And so many people have stepped out in one way or another to help. I hope this opens our eyes to how many hurting families there are out there and all of the ways we can support and encourage them.

If you would like to donate to Jacqui and Dan, you can do so at There's a donation button on the sidebar of the blog.