breathing room

I've been a bit on the busy side lately. When I've sat down to try to even write a blog post, I feel like I'm suffocating and can't seem to catch my breath. I've been so swamped with planning for the Thrive Retreat that I haven't had much time to focus on anything else. My husband and kids included. Doesn't it seem ironic that I'm spending so much time helping women Thrive when I'm struggling to do the same myself? What I never really thought about or expected when I started a ministry for moms was that I would do so much growing myself. I'm stretched daily to learn how to truly thrive in motherhood, in being a wife and a friend. I struggle with being an overachiever (hello, type a+) and so I want to have my hands in everything. It's hard for me to step back and take a break.

Over the past year as I've transitioned from being a stay at home mom that blogs, to being a work at home mom with multiple jobs. I'm learning what that looks like. I do battle a bit with the "mommy guilt" that I'm not focusing 100% of my attention on my kids at all times during the day, but also realizing it's more about the intentional time I do have with my family.

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I'm learning how to find some breathing room in my days and be super intentional about the precious time I have with my husband and my babies. It's not about spending every waking moment with them, but about making great moments when I have them.

How do you make intentional time with your family and still find some breathing room in the craziness of life?