Breakfast Shakes from Quaker {sponsored post}

I'm a very busy mom, that's no secret. One of my biggest struggles as a mom is taking care of MYSELF. And eating tops the list. Some days it will be 7:00pm and I'll realize the only thing I've had to eat that day is the leftover, dry sandwich my girls left on the table at lunch. It can be so hard to remember to feed yourself when you have lots of little mouths to feed! I was thrilled to hear about these new Breakfast Shakes from Quaker. I've tried some meal replacement shakes before, but they typically hurt my stomach or leave a chalky taste in my mouth. I love the consistency and taste of these Quaker Shakes! I have found them to be a great breakfast option that I can grab quickly when we are on the go or just playing at home and I don't have a chance to stop to eat! 


Grab a pack of these shakes next time you're at the grocery store and try them out! They are delicious and will make your morning routine so much easier. You will love them! 

Enjoy this $2 coupon to try Quaker Breakfast Shakes!!


This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.