how to shower less (and still look fabulous!)

I will never claim to be the expert on anything. Not parenting, marriage, blogging, anything. BUT this is one thing I feel like I almost have expert status on because I've just about perfected it. Faking that I'm clean. You laugh, but I'm sooooo serious. When I was a brand new mom with a crazy colicy baby, I wondered if I would ever shower again. Those first three months of motherhood were a nightmare. Then it got super fun, and I got super pregnant. Again and again. Showering regularly became a thing of the past, and faking it was the new norm. Getting a few spare minutes to myself during the week is rare, and honestly I don't like to spend that blow drying my hair for 20 minutes. So I set out to find some ways to be clean without really being clean. This is basically the closest I get to being the hippie I wish I was.


1. Headbands. A cute headband can make you look super put-together, but also cover up some greasy hair that you don't want to fix!

2. Dry shampoo. When I finally took my hair dressers advice and stopped washing my hair everyday, it made a huge difference for my hair. Then I found dry shampoo and it changed my life. This is the dry shampoo I use, but also a little baby powder can do the trick too! Just find what you love and works for you!

3. Baby wipe those pits and apply new deodorant. Off with the old, on with the new!

4. Baby wipes everywhere. (yup, those things work wonders...everywhere...)

5. Minimal make up. You don't have to get all fancied up just to feel "clean". A clean face and some minimal make up can really make a huge difference. Find a power or bronzer you love, throw on some lip gloss and mascara and you will feel good as new! And a BRIGHT lip is my secret weapon!

6. Accessorize. There's something about putting on some clean clothes and a cute necklace, scarf, etc that can change the way you look and feel!

7. Curls. Adding some curls to your hair can make you feel so pretty and can really help you look put together. If you have long hair like me, I just throw my hair in a super high ponytail and add some super quick curls to the ends.

8.  Cute Clothes. It's amazing how taking off the sweat pants and putting on a cute outfit can totally transform you! I will have not taken the time to shower or wash my hair for days, but I get dressed and people will comment on how great I look.

9. Put your big girl panties on. Ok, really just put clean ones on. Change ALL of your clothes every day with a quick wipe down and you'll be like brand spanking new!

10. Embrace the crunchy. There are oils and natural deodorants that can help decrease body odors! Do some research and find some new things you'd like to try! If you want to get super crunchy, try making your own deodorant!

This is one of those super vulnerable, scary posts where I'm sharing my deep dark secrets. I typically only shower 1-2 times a week and wash my hair once a week. But when I do, I make it worth it! I sure enjoy an amazing giant bubble bath, or a long VERY hot shower. I turn on music, light candles, and use yummy smelling everything. Sure, I take my quick "lock everyone in the bathroom with me and pray they don't kill each other" showers, but I try to limit those.

I'm a blogger, a small biz owner, I run a ministry, I am planning not one, but two conferences, I have a 1 year old, 2 year old and 3 year old. I also am super intentional about my time with my husband and my friends. To say I'm stretched thin would be an understatement, but I don't get overwhelmed by it because I find ways to make it work. And I give up some simple things to create more margin in my day. Showering is one of those things!

Trust me, when I start to smell, I will shower. Pinky promise.