a secret I can't keep during cold season!

This cold and flu season has been a beating on our house. It's been one thing after another throughout the winter and since this has been the endless winter, it's dragging out even longer. The coughing, the runny noses, it feels like it's never going to stop. The kids faces just get raw from so much nose wiping. Makenzi has been teething like crazy and she's just been miserable. I had to share this best kept secret with you! My friends at Dr. Browns sent over these new wipes of theirs for us to try out and I just love them! We have used the nose and face wipes the most this winter, but I love the paci wipes to help fight off germs and the tooth and gum wipes to keep their mouths clean! Since Mak is still so little, everything goes in the mouth and this time of year, everything is covered in germs. Although, I'm kind of a germ-loving mom, I still have to draw the line somewhere. After MONTHS of sickness and fighting the colds, I'm loving what these wipes offer!

healthy-wipes-nose-facehealthy-wipes-tooth-gum_1 healthy-wipes-pacifier-bottle

You can pick some up at Target, Babies R Us, Diapers.com or Amazon!

Grab some to try with your little one!


Mama's guide to cold season survival: 

- Get outside! Easier said than done when you have a super cold winter, but it really helps!

- Wash those hands! Keep some hand sanitizer with you and encourage your kids to wash their hands.

- Keep your stress level down! You are more prone to illness when your body is already under stress, so take vitamins, diffuse some oils, do whatever you can to keep your home at a calm state.

- Encourage your kids to take their vitamins and have a healthy diet! I've been pumping mine full of daily vitamins and anything too add a little extra vitamin D during these yucky months.

- Go easy on those little noses. When it's cold and they have runny noses, they can get raw from the wiping. Use a gentle wipe made specifically for runny noses!

- Hang in there! Spring will be here soon!!!


---disclaimer: I was provided packs of the Dr. Browns wipes for us to try, but the opinions are completely my own!---