influence tickets are on sale!

bloginfluence Influence Conference tickets are on sale today!!! If you haven't heard of the Influence Conference, you can go here to read some of my past posts. This will be my 3rd year being a community leader and I'm a part of the Influence Events Team as well. So, needless to say, I have a LOT of heart and energy that goes into this community! It's made a huge difference in my online life and how I make much of Jesus in what I do online!

Thinking of attending a blogging conference this year? I would be honored if you would consider joining me at Influence! This is an incredible group of women gathering love encourage, bless and love on one another. Jesus is the center of our stories and what ties us all together. This is a conference you won't want to miss!

Three reasons you should you buy your ticket this week:   1) Influence Network Members get 10% off this week! 2) There are daily giveaways on the Influence Blog for people who buy their tickets this week! (yes, even an iPad mini...) 3) Because I said so.


Have questions? Leave a comment or feel free to email me!

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