cozywoggle: a car seat safe coat!

It's no secret that I'm a big car seat safety advocate. When it comes to protecting my children, I don't mess around. Unfortunately, SO many parents are simply unaware of the dangers that come with incorrectly using a car seat. It's not their fault, there's just a lack of education about it. I have always made it a goal of mine to be a part of educating parents on carseat safety and how they can better protect their kids on the road. Last winter, I recorded this video on the importance of not wearing a coat in a carseat. After I posted that, I received an email from a lady named Cherlyn who told me about this new coat called the Cozywoggle she was creating that was car seat safe. I was thrilled to jump on board to help support her! Now, this amazing coat is available!!


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I wanted to show you real quick how the coat actually works, because it was difficult for me to imagine how it would function safety before I could actually test it out. I hope this helps you to better understand the Cozywoggle! Oh...and I make it look more difficult in the video than it actually is! Simply unzip to the child's wrists and slip their hand out so it stays connected at the wrist. Easy peasy!

We love this coat and would highly recommend it especially if you live in a really cold climate area. It is so great for easily getting in and out of the car without having to remove jackets. I can't say enough about this great product!! Also, the coat is pretty true to size. Jessi is 3.5 and she's wearing a 3T. The 3T fits both my 2 and 3 year olds.

**disclaimer: I was provided this coat for my review but the opinions are completely my own.**