bold: vision


It's so easy to jump on the "one word" train and then completely forget what your word is a few months into the year. Last year I chose the word "Thrive" and man oh man, did God ever use that word. I will never forget how 2013 rocked me in so many ways. I decided to focus on a different area of my life each month for my word this year.

My word this year is BOLD. There are so many areas of my life I want to be more bold in and I'm excited to see how God uses me as I break free of some bondage and be bold in my calling as a wife, mother, friend, writer and so much more.

For January, I am focusing on a BOLD: VISION. To look at the year ahead with a more open mind and heart. To have open hands for what God has in store for me. The scripture that God brought to me is Isaiah 55. At first I pulled just a few key verses, but really I need the entire chapter. Take a minute to read it with me?


I want to walk boldly into my vision for this year. To allow my vision to be completely in tune with what God's plan is for me. To boldly approach the throne with confidence in my journey.

Are you starting out your year with a bold vision?