we are on the same team

I've never been much of a controversial blogger. I'm not super on one side of the fence about any issue, because I know that every child is different. I don't believe there is ever a specific way to do something that will work across the board. That's why you won't really see me blogging much about the "controversial topics" (sleep, vaccinating, development, etc.) BUT there are a few things as a mom I feel very strongly about. A mom being fully supported in her decisions is something I will never change my stance on. 

I may not always agree with someone's decision to do something a certain way, but I'm human. What I can guarantee you is that I will support you and tell you that you are doing a great job no matter what your decision is. If you want my opinion, you'll ask for it.

A few weeks ago I wrote a breastfeeding post. That's one of those issues I feel SUPER strongly about. Not about it being something you should or shouldn't do it, but that you should feel SUPPORTED in it.


Because we are on the same team. Us moms.


There's no march madness tournament bracket. There's no super bowl.  There's no competition.  PERIOD. NONE.

We simply NEED one another. There's something about being a mom that only a mom understands. To someone that doesn't have children, you can sound ungrateful, selfish or *ahem* a bit ridiculous. To another mom, she gets you. 

Last week, I sat with two of my best friends and we were bragging about how out of control our homes are, how our children run amuck and life is absolutely NUTS 99.999% of the time. We just get each other. We know the struggles, the doubts, the frustrations but also the JOY that comes with the territory.

Let's put away the tournament brackets and put the same jersey on. Let's support one another no matter how we parent. Let's embrace that every child is different and that we can love and support our sisters through their own journey without competing or judging.

Who's with me?