how the step back is going

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I write things and encourage you to do things, and then I never think of it or revisit it again. Blogger of the year here with follow-through. So what about really following through? A couple of weeks ago, I told you I was going to step back this holiday season. I'm an overachiever (no, that's not always a good thing), and I tend to overwhelm myself with all the things. I allow the pressure of motherhood to overtake me actually BEING a good mom. So when I was planning our advent, I realized it was a season for me to step back a bit. To look at the big picture and realize I simply cannot do all the things. That teaching my children about Advent and the birth of our Savior was more than fancy crafts and horse drawn carriage rides.

For example, last year we did these super cute ornaments and I'm so thankful we did because I love them! But...this year I bought these little wooden ornaments at Hobby Lobby for $1. Just as amazing. Much less stress.

orn2 orn3 orn1

Just today, I gave them some jingle bells, a few pipe cleaners and we sang some Christmas songs. You would have thought I'd taken them to DisneyWorld. The excitement that comes from the simple things is exactly what being a child is all about. The newness of things, the wonder of the season.

I am following through this time. We had something else planned for our Advent activity, but I felt that tug of my little inner voice saying "time to pull back a bit". Every time I feel that nudge to do less, I do less. And it's been amazing. My littles are learning about Christmas without the stress that this season can bring! I'm so thankful.

I'm going to see Christmas through their eyes. With that wonder and excitement that a jingle bell can bring.