stepping back this holiday season

There's a lot of pressure when you're a blogger and a mama of three littles. Pressure to do it all, appear to have it all together and lead the way in motherhood. And let me be clear: no one puts this pressure on me but ME. I promise, it's me, not you. So, why do we as bloggers allow ourselves to feel like we always have to one-up ourselves? Just because last year's advent was successful, I felt the need to go over the top this year. I started planning and scheming for what we would do. I even put together this list of 100 activity ideas. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but why did I think I could accomplish it all?  whyiam

It took me having a near breakdown to realize it was time to step back a bit.  So, I'm taking some very wise advice and I'm only doing as much as I can do.

The Elf on the Shelf will be spending Christmas in a box upstairs.  Advent activities will be simple and stress-free.  We will focus on Jesus and the gratitude & joy of the season. 

I have nothing to prove to you or myself. Advent should not be about how many retweets, how many likes or how many pins your calendar & activities get.

As I look at what December looks like for us as a family, here's what I see: a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 9 month old.  loooong hours for hubby.  cold days = lots of inside time.

This is OUR season. It's wild and crazy. We will soon have THREE toddlers since the baby is convinced she's so big. There's no reason why I should focus on planning each perfectly-pinnable day, have a stuffed elf cause a ruckus, and run around like a crazy woman (which I'm already on the verge of anyway!). My season of life is too much for that.

I can't just put away Advent altogether, I'm way to big of a Christmas person to do that! I do have a list of fun activities planned for each day. I have a beautiful Advent Calendar from my friend Jessi that I look at all throughout my day and what a peaceful reminder of hope it us!

I want to spend more time ENJOYING my kids than just worrying about each daily activity. If we forget to open an envelope or switch up what I have planned for something else? That's ok! The OCD in me will (hopefully) chill out and go with the flow.


I want to encourage you to embrace your season, and only do what your season allows. Maybe all you can do is read a story each day? Great! Maybe you can go all out with huge plans! Great! Do what works for YOU and don't compare or allow yourself to feel the pressure of the holiday season.

Let's keep in mind WHY we celebrate Advent and what it's truly about. 


I would love for you to join me in reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible with your little ones!! And don't feel pressure in doing this every me, I am just hoping to read about half of them!!